chapter 22

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Four weeks had passed, sports teams were pushing their athletes to a whole other level in preparation for competition qualifications and even if life now consisted of classes, assignments and training Jimin and Jungkook still continued to become closer. They were inseparable and everyone who watched their interactions couldn't help but feel jealous.

Neither males were brave enough to take their relationship to the next step, they were comfortable with kissing tenderly over each others beds and touching the little exposed skin they would show each other but every time Jungkook could rest between Jimin's thighs they both would grow nervous and pull away.

Nevertheless that didn't put a damper on the feelings they had for one another and they next day they'd restart the same process, hoping that one day they'd both find the perfect timing and enjoy each others body magically like they planned on. Jimin could wait forever though, he didn't mind because just being in Jungkook's arms was heavenly enough.

This afternoon though Jimin and Jungkook weren't hanging out because while Jimin didn't have cheer practice because the coach was reviewing their standing for the competition tryouts the football team was going to have practice match with another school. That meant Jimin wouldn't be able to see Jungkook until Monday and even though he's survived the past 20 years without him he couldn't help but feel empty without him near.

"You and Jungkook have become the it couple and you're not even officially dating." Hoseok chuckled, his voice carrying throughout the library were he and Jimin were currently residing in. The sound of the peppy cheerleaders laughter interrupted the silence causing for other students to look in their direction and earning a warning glare from Jennie who would forever have it out for Jimin.

Jimin rolled his eyes and removed Jennie from his line of vision to see Hoseok quietly giggling and fiddling with the eraser from his pencil. Hoseok wasn't much of a good study partner like Yoongi was but considering that they still weren't on speaking terms warranted for them not completing assignments together like before. "Could you just do your work?" Jimin whispered to Hoseok.

An exagerated whine left Hoseok's lips and his threw his head back in annoyance, "I don't wanna do this though. I agreed to accompany you because you're too fucking scared to talk to Yoongi again but this is fucking torture. I could be with Yeri and the other cheerleaders watching Seokjin and his friends play golf, it's hella lot more fun than this studying crap." Hoseok complained pouting to his friend, begging to be freed.

Jimin frowned, he had opened his mouth to speak but Jennie's voice beat him to the punch line, "Again, the cheerleaders are being disrespectful to the rest of the students who are trying to do something with their lives other than showing off their bodies. I'm not surprised at all though, I mean it's Park Jimin and Jung Hoseok anyways, their pompoms are bigger than their brains." She snapped crossing her thin arms over her chest and scowling at the petite male.

Jimin was already growing annoyed by his surroundings, and Hoseok wasn't helping the situation. Jimin hadn't gotten much work done lately because he's been spending so much time with Jungkook. He didn't regret any of those moments though but it was starting to catch up with him and Jimin knew that if he wanted to hold his cheer captain position he needed to have the best grades and best moves out of the entire team.

The sound of a text book slamming shut made the entire library that were quiet grow dead silent, all eyes were on Jimin who was standing up from his chair. He had pretty thick lips decorated with his signature cotton candy pink lipstick with a touch of glossy glitter that glistened under the bright lighting. His blonde hair shining and bouncing when he stepped forward to Jennie's personal space, his smile slowly curling up into something devious.

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