chapter 08

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"Gahhh my fucking head hurts Yooniiee help meee!" Jimin whined his voice expressing immense pain which startled Yoongi from his sleep. He rubbed at his groggy eyes and sat up over Hoseok's bed where he had fallen sleep on to see his best friend's pretty face buried in his palms with little cries escape his plump lips.

"This is the worst fucking feeling ever, what the fuck! Why did you let me drink that much Yoongi?" Jimin continued groaning through his raspy voice, his throat burned like hell and he blamed it all on the damn alcohol that felt good doing down last night but now the rest of his body is paying the price for it all.

"Jimin, I told you to stop, but you refused to listen to me, don't you remember anything?" Yoongi questioned as he watched Jimin shifted along his bed, stretching his arms and legs, twisting his body to the side before sitting up and sighing at the pesky light creeping from the window, cursing himself for not shutting the blinds before leaving to the party.

"No, well yeah some stuff I can recall. Like I remember playing strip beer pong, and how fucking Jungkook refused to get me naked and ran away like a little shit leaving me alone with you and Taehyung." Jimin whispered angrily that his own voice was aggravating his hangover even more than the sound of the air conditioner running above them.

"Oh well that's great, I mean, stay here I'll go get us some coffee." Yoongi mentioned pushing off Hoseok's sea-foam green covers to the side and swinging his legs off the bed. "Two extra shots of expresso please, and hurry before I throw myself off the roof of this building." Jimin spoke in pout, he had his eyes shut the entire time refusing to see the world around him.

Yoongi nodded his head, he moved towards the door and begone placing on his shoes on but before exiting the small pastel colored room he glanced back at Jimin who had lifted the blanket up and over his head falling back and resting his head against his fluffy pillow in hopes to avoid the throbbing sensation in his head that rattled his brain.

The door was shut carefully and Jimin was enjoying the silence again but not even a minute passed when it reopened with the sound of Hoseok's voice piercing through Jimin's sensitive ears and making him wince in pain again. "Jiminie! Please tell me something happened between you and that hottie stud Jungkook!" Hoseok squealed leaping across the room to land on top of Jimin.

"Hobi, my fucking head hurts please stop fucking shouting you bitch." Jimin snapped while he shifted on the bed to make space for Hoseok to lie down beside him and not on top of him. "And of course nothing happened between us, we were playing strip beer pong and then he bailed on the game, last night was a total fucking bust. I don't get it, does he not like me?" Jimin whispered to his friend.

"What? Damn, well when I saw him carrying you out Seokjin's house I assumed that you and him had fucked so damn hard that you passed out, cause like been there done that." Hosoek claimed giggling to himself while he recalled one of his many rendezvous with some hunky football player that occurred some time last year.

Jimin's bloodshot eyes sprung open, he sat up in his bed despite the agony he was in. "Jungkook carried me back here? Yoongi said he did though." The pretty little cheerleader exclaimed glaring at Hoseok who's bright smile faded into a concerned frown. He propped himself on his elbows to give Jimin a sigh, it was obvious to him what was going on and Yoongi decided to bend the truth but poor Jimin was clueless to the secret.

"Oh, really, then um, I must have mixed up Jungkook with Yoongi, they look the same sometimes." Hoseok chuckled nervously before swinging his legs off the bed and rushing over to his side of the room. The other cheerleader was still in his steamy last nights outfit, he had fallen asleep at Seokjin's house in the arms of some random but handsome rich student so he was in desperate need to change into something more comfortable. 

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