chapter 39

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Taehyung was not in the spirits to party, and everyone that knew him could easily detect that something was wrong, because he wasn't his loud, social self when he entered through the doors with Jungkook and Namjoon. His hands were in his pockets and the peers that greeted him warmly or congratulated him on an awesome victory all received a grunt in response or nod as he continued to navigate further into the frat house aimlessly. 

"Jimin just texted me, he's at Yoongi's dorm and he's getting him ready, they'll be here soon and you can work this out dude. Don't be so gloom, you two will be back together before the campus security shuts this party down I know it." Jungkook told Taehyung who could only sigh. Of course he wanted to fix things with Yoongi, he felt so incomplete without him. Winning the toughest football game he's ever played didn't feel right without his lover by his side. 

Taehyung trailed behind Jungkook who was following behind Namjoon, all of them were making their way towards the bar area to see Seokjin pouring dozens of shots and taking some with the his fellow already drunken peers. "MY JOONIE!!!" Seokjin cheered peppily when he saw the tall, dark and handsome football captain stalking his way, and hurriedly he darted towards Namjoon, wrapping his arms around his neck and kissing his lips hungrily.  

Jungkook was happily smiling at the two official couple but Taehyung was sulking, not because he was jealous but because he wished he had Yoongi there with him to make other people envious of their bond. "Take some shots boys, you guys totally deserve them!" Seokjin exclaimed when he parted from Namjoon and shooed away some of the people so that the three football players could sit comfortably as he made his way behind the counter. 

"I'll be honest Joonie, I was worried after the halftime, I mean their players are fucking massive, like on steroids or some shit but you actually did it baby, you helped crushed those smug bitches. You'll go down in history as the best team captain now, and all those other teams you guys will face are gonna feel like a piece of cake." Seokjin expressed proudly pouring the shot glasses with sparkling liquor and passing them to the three males. 

Namjoon, Jungkook and Taehyung swallowed down the alcohol and groaning in unison at the fiery feeling melting their insides before entering their bloodstream. Jungkook was content with just that one shot but Taehyung pushed his cup towards Seokjin and asked for another one. Jungkook frowned, he could see the look of distress on Taehyung's face as he gulped another shot down, wincing from the internal pain but he continued on sliding the glass, requesting more. 

"Yeah it was nice seeing those bitches leaving with their tiger tails between there legs, I was so ready to body that fucker that tackled me, he could've fucking snapped my fucking knees!" Namjoon vocalized before following Taehyung's lead and asking for Seokjin to give him more alcohol, ready to blow off all the steam he had built up the past few week. With training and assignments Namjoon was finally in the mood to get wasted, party it up and rock the bed with Seokjin before either of them could pass out.

"I just hope those fuckers don't show up here trying to start shit, because I heard from Jooheon that the fucker that had tried to start a fight with Taehyung was roaming around the parking lot after the game. They are petty ass sore fucking losers and I wouldn't past any of them trying to sabotage your victory by getting a few players suspended this early in the season." Seokjin informed Namjoon who was clutching his glass cup.

Namjoon's team had never gotten a chance to advance in the championships because of them and now that the tables have turned they were all suspicious and on guard for the opposing schools students hiding in the big crowd. "It's fine, just be cool, if they show up we'll kick them out without throwing fist, we are not going to lose anyone, that is what they want and we are the winners not them." Namjoon told Jungkook and Taehyung who were agreeing.

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