chapter 36

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Taehyung was approaching the sidelines, rotating his sore shoulder and smiling widely at Yoongi who was waiting for him and holding his water bottle. "Nice work out there, you've really been training hard and it shows." The small cheerleader exclaimed watching Taehyung's adam's apple bob up and down as he took a giant gulp of the water before kissing him with his ice cold lips.

"Thank you beautiful baby. Come with me, I wanna get a few snacks at the concession stands before you all have to preform. I can't wait to see you do your thang on the field, then do you thang on me after the game ends." Taehyung snickered leaning down to kiss Yoongi's lips again. The smaller was in a fit of giggles, clinging to his tall lover and going along with his suggestion. 

Taehyung put his heavy arm around Yoongi's shoulder and lead the pretty male who was grinning from ear to ear towards the line of people waiting to get their snacks. "Did you hurt your shoulder Tae? You should probably go ice it and rest." Yoongi stated worriedly noticing that he was on Taehyung's left side when he was usually on the right side of him.  

"Yeah, did you see that giant fucking dude knock me down? Luckily the ball was already in the air when it happened but fucker had his knee on my shoulder and he was heavy as hell." Taehyung exclaimed looking down to see Yoong's concerned eyes and little pout, it was adorable seeing him that way, most of the time he'd tease him about pushing through the pain but this time he was being all mushy and soft, Taehyung liked it a lot. 

"Baby, you don't have to worry about me, I'll be fine. Just watch, when we win this and get back to your dorm I'll be able to pick you up and ram into you so good against the wall, on the ground, in the bathroom, just everywhere actually, you'll see." Taehyung expressed taking Yoongi's face in his large hands and giving him another sweet passionate kiss, putting the small cheerleader in silence because he knew the type of scolding he was about to receive for talking naughty like that in public. 

Yoongi's urge to slap the taller male went away when their lips met, Taehyung's mouth always took him on a trip where nothing else mattered, a land where only they existed to be with one another. Yoongi's wrapped his arms around Taehyung's torso, still kissing him back hungrily, that is until the person running the snack bar called them out. "You all gonna buy some snacks or eat each other?" The female asked waiting on an answer. 

Taehyung groaned because he had to separate from Yoongi, he stepped forward and ordered an iced coffee for cute cheerleader and an energy drink for himself. The two were soon walking along the track field, engaged in short conversations about when they were approached from behind by someone who's voice was overflowing with confidence and excitement. "Great first half Taehyung." The sweet male voice exclaimed.   

Taehyung was able to put a face to the voice already, and when his eyes moved from Yoongi it was unfortunately confirmed. The person standing in front of them was the one hot cheerleader that Taehyung had hooked up with after the game during the last season, but flirted with several hundred times before that. Yoongi glanced up to see the nervous look on Taehyung's face and his assumptions about it went through the roof. 

"Ohh, h-hey, Kihyun. Uh, yeah thanks. Captain Joon has been kicking my ass recently so I guessed it worked out in my favor after all." Taehyung expressed with an awkward chuckle at the cheerleader who was smiling brightly at him and twirling the highlighted blonde strands with his finger. Kihyun noticed Yoongi out the corner of his eyes but he didn't focus on that with Taehyung looking delicious in his uniform.

Taehyung greeted the other cheerleader with a small nervous wave out of respect, but clearly he wasn't thrilled to have Kihyun pop up unannounced especially with Yoongi beside him staring at him like he wanted to murder him. "I didn't know you had a boyfriend, some lucky guy you are, tying down this handsome stud." Kihyun mentioned finally turning to study Yoongi, eyeing him up and down, pure envy all over his face.

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