chapter 45

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Jungkook had fallen asleep after attentively waiting for Jimin with his phone in his hand, he even left his dorm room open hoping that his sweet boyfriend would be walking through them any moment. Jungkook was tired though, exhausted from the football game and when he closed his eyes for just a split second he drifted off into consciousness.

The next was Saturday and Jungkook didn't have his alarm to wake him up early but somewhere deep in his dreaming state he was reminded of Jimin causing for him to jolt up. Jungkook searched the room to see that Jimin was nowhere to be found, he wasn't sleeping by his side, or in Taehyung's bed and he grew worried.

Jungkook quickly jumped to his feet, not bothering to change out of his pajamas and dashing through the halls, making his way towards buildings exit. He was moving fast, dodging past some students and faculty because it was the afternoon now, Jungkook had slept in late and it bothered him that Jimin hadn't reached out to him yet.

Jungkook had spent Jimin several text messages on his way over, it wasn't far and he was in his boyfriend's building but he was concerned because he wasn't responding to him. Jungkook thought the worst, his blood was boiling, anger was taking over, because he was sure that Hyunwoo did something to Jimin, touched him, defiled him and he was fucking pissed.

"Jungkook?" Jimin called out to his boyfriend who was about to bang on his room door. Jungkook turned around to find Jimin holding a coffee cup in one hand and his keys in the other, there was a distraught look upon his beautiful make up free face, it was obvious that he had been crying, it was red around his brown iris and glossy from multiple tears that must've slipped out of them.

"Baby, what happened? Is everything okay? Why are you avoiding me? Did he fucking do something to you, tell me!" Jungkook demanded to know and it was the most riled up Jimin's ever seen him. It was different from when he was amped up for the football game, his competitive expressions were different from his infuriated worried one and Jimin didn't like seeing Jungkook this way, he adored his gentle, soft side so much more.

"Kookie, it's fine. I was tired, it was late and I figured you had fallen asleep after you stopped texting me. I'm sorry, everything is okay I swear." Jimin expressed with the weakest smile and Jungkook wasn't blind to the change in his demeanor. Normally the cheerleader would be pouncing on him and hugging him like there was no tomorrow but that wasn't the case today.

"Wanna come in?" Jimin asked Jungkook, redirecting the conversation and opening his room to let his boyfriend enter with him. Jungkook was silent, observing Jimin, he was acting different, pacing his room with a look of distress and gripping his coffee cup tightly with two hands. It was clear that he was hiding something and Jungkook wanted to know what it was.

Jungkook placed his hands along Jimin's shoulders, stopping him from walking in circles, and he could feel him shaking, nervously avoiding his gaze and tugging at his bottom lip like he was halting himself from spilling out a secret. Jungkook led Jimin to his bed, he took a seat and had the smaller rest his bottom over his lap, caressing his back gently, just how he liked it.

"Baby, I know something is up. I'm not gonna force you to tell me because I know you will when you think the time is right, but please just look at me." Jungkook pleaded. Jimin inhaled sharply, his chest rising up high shakily before falling and moving his teary vision up to meet Jungkook's gaze. "Did he hurt you?" Jungkook questioned getting Jimin to shake his head.

Relief washed over Jungkook, but there were still tears falling from Jimin's eyes. He lifted his hand and wiped them away, leaning in planting a kiss over his cheek to see more salty liquid expelling out. "It's nothing relate to that stupid fuck. I'm just feeling anxious about everything, the qualifications, the competition, assignments. I'm overwhelmed, nothing else okay Kookie." Jimin whispered.

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