chapter 57

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~ a few months later ~

Jimin was rummaging through his closet when he heard the door to his dorm opening, he shifted his attention over to find Yoongi entering with a soft smile along his face and holding two coffee cups in his hand. "Oh good you haven't left yet. Still not done though?" He questioned extending his limb out to give his best friend the caffeinated beverage. Jimin put a pause to his actions and wasted no time in taking a big gulp, sighing in satisfaction and thanking Yoongi for the delivery because he needed a boost of energy that afternoon.

"No, Jungkook's father isn't coming to get us for another few hours. How about you? Are you all packed and ready to leave for the summer?" Jimin asked, getting Yoongi to nod his head making his way to the other cheerleaders bed to see the progress of his packing was going and he saw that he only had half of his suitcase full. "You excited to be meeting Jungkook's parents?" Yoongi inquired to know arching an eyebrow at Jimin who appeared nervous, his shoulders slumped while he gripped the coffee cup tightly and took another big sip.

"More like I'm terrified. Jungkook keeps telling me to just be myself because he's already told his mom so much about us and she adores me already." Jimin said feeling his cheeks burn, blushing and recalling the statements Jungkook gave him the other day when he expressed how stressed he was regarding the visit. Jimin will be spending two weeks with Jungkook and his parents, he was extra worried because the family are planning on vacationing at their beach house and they insisted on Jimin accompanying them.

"Then it sounds to me like it'll be okay Jimin." Yoongi insisted. Jimin released a heavy sigh, he moved toward his bed and took a seat next to his best friend with his eyes gazing at his bare feet that dangled in the air. "Things are finally calm now. No evil exes, nor jealous bitches trying to come for my cheer captain title, that dumb bitch Jennie got what she deserved when Yeri beat her ass." Jimin said, getting Yoongi to laugh, recalling how Hoseok was running through the campus like a wild animal because he had front row seats to the brutal fight.

"But most importantly my relationship with Jungkook has been thriving, I still get goosebumps when he says I love you." Jimin exclaimed with a bright smile thinking about Jungkook, picturing him cleaning up his side of the dorm and getting packed for their summer break together. "When we come back it'll be our third year of college, things are changing quickly and I'm a little scared but with you, Hoseok, the rest of the cheer team and Jungkook by my side I know that everything will be great." Jimin professed taking Yoongi's hand.

Jimin intertwined his fingers with Yoongi's gripping them tightly and making their palms squeeze against each other while he flashed him a gentle smile. "You're so damn sappy after meeting Jungkook." Yoongi teased flicking a strand of Jimin's blonde hair and giving him his famous gummy smile as they remained in that moment for a few more minutes, just laughing with each other and appreciating the comfort they brought one another. Yoongi loved Jimin, he said that he could forever and even if it wasn't the way he did the start of the semester nothing between them changed.

"We've only been talking about me, how about you? Taehyung was telling me how close your homes were, are you two planning on getting together all summer also?" Jimin wanted to know and by the sheepish smile upon Yoongi's face it was obvious that the answer was a yes. "Yeah, he invited me to dinner with his family next week for his younger siblings birthday." Yoongi said shrugging his shoulders like it was nothing but internally he was nervous because it would truly mean they were officially boyfriends.

Taehyung had made the sweetest gesture last month, he got the marching band to help him during the last football games of the season, and during the halftime he proposed for Yoongi to be his boyfriend. The small cheerleader normally doesn't like enormous declarations of affection, he finds them meaningless but it was the cutest seeing the handsome jock dancing to the music and telling the entire campus how much he was wild for him. Yoongi of course said yes, not afraid to speak his feelings because with Taehyung he's happy.

"Looks like we'll both be busy, please find time to hang out with me too." Jimin pouted throwing his arms over Yoongi's shoulder and nuzzling his nose into his best friends hair. Yoongi bursted into laughter, nearly dropping his coffee to the ground and with his free hand he wrapped his around Jimin's waist, bringing him closer and nodding his head. "I'll always make time for you Jimin. You're my best friend and whenever you need me I'll be there." Yoongi declared kissing the top of the shorter males blonde hair.

"Now come on let me help you pack, at this rate you'll end up just staying in your dorm the whole summer." Yoongi said, slipping away from Jimin's hold but taking his hand and leading him towards the closet again. The two best friends spent their next few moments giggling, picking out the best outfits and discussing which shoes he would take with him. Time came when Yoongi had to leave though, his father was outside and with a giant huge he embraced Jimin, telling him that he'd miss him even if they planned on meeting up very soon.

Jimin was alone now, but it was only for a couple of minutes because soon Jungkook was making his appearance with his rabbit-like grin spread across his face. "It's time to get our summer started, my love." Jungkook exclaimed, taking Jimin into his strong arms and kissing the plump lips that he loved with his entire existence. Jimin melted into the touches, letting Jungkook devour his mouth hungrily before parting and leaving him dizzy from the excitement being together always brought him, it was addicting.

Jungkook rubbed Jimin's chin briefly, one arm moved to hold Jimin by the waist while his free hand took the heavy luggage and had them face the door. "Let's go baby. I can't wait to show you off to my parents, the neighbors and my childhood friends. I swear adolescent me would think I was lying if I time traveled and told him that he'd be dating someone as beautiful and wonderful as you." Jungkook chuckled, leaning down to peck Jimin's lips again earning cute musical giggles to escape from his pretty mouth.

Jimin was in bliss, Jungkook is the perfect boyfriend, he possesses all the qualities he's always dreamed of and it was what he needed right now. Neither of them had any idea of how things would turn in the next two years but their love for each other had grown strong in the past few months and they were both willing to put in the work to ensure that they'd always be together. "Then let's stop wasting time here, I want everyone to see what a great couple we are Jungkookie!" Jimin cheered clinging to the football player that swept him off his feet.

~ FIN ~

cheer spirit is finally over, thank you for reading and following this book until the very end.

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