chapter 01

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There was a gorgeous spring breeze flowing through the air this one afternoon, flowers bloomed beautiful assortment of colors all across the lawn where a small town college resided. The grass was a healthy green and of all the students were outside cherishing it, enjoying their meals and catching with friends before venturing off into their next classes.

Two young men were sitting over a large blue blanket, one gossiping about all the cute outfit he bought over the spring break and the other ignoring him while he ate his food and worried about the mountain of work that the semesters to come would overload him with. "Yoongi, are you even paying attention?" The other male asked his friend.

"Yes and then no. Hobi I really don't care. You got a cute skirt, that's great but what the hell am I supposed to do with that information?" Yoongi questioned. He set his half eaten garden salad down and frowned at his friend who was glaring daggers into his porcelain skin that sparkled under the harsh sun rays.

"I'm telling you so that I can give you my old ones, they're so last season and I have no need for them and considering that your outfits are bland I thought I'd spice you up once and for all!" Hoseok claimed only to receive an obvious eye roll from his less flashy best friend who refused to embrace his pretty side.

"You know I don't wear skirts. Haven't you noticed that I always wear pants for practices and events against Jimin's wishes?" Yoongi reinformed the other male who groaned at the name mentioned. Hoseok set his phone down and shifted along the blanket, he glanced around to see if anyone was watching and when no one was paying attention he flicked Yoongi's cute nose.

Yoongi flinched, rubbing at his face careful to not smudge his make up as Hoseok continued on lecturing him. "Don't say the devil's name out loud! You're summoning him and he is the last person I wanna see right now!" Hoseok remarked leaning back to sit comfortably, well not to comfortable because Hoseok was wearing his plaid green high rise skirt and it was impossible to sit pretty in it for too long.

"You guys are always fighting, could it happen to be because Jimin---" Yoongi's sentence was interrupted like usual as Hoseok snapped his two fingers in his friends face to catch his attention again. "No! Stop! He's like beetlejuice! The second you say his name three times then all hell breaks loose!" Hoseok declared, pointing an accusing warning finger to the other male.

Yoongi was silent for a moment, but a little devious smirk on his face appeared after Hoseok's shoulders relaxed, he sighed and pulled out his compact to fix his red lip stick in the tiny mirror. He assumed Yoongi was resuming his leafy meal when a snicker escaped his names and the dreaded name he told him not to say.

"Jimin." Yoongi uttered under his breath, too soft for others to hear but enough to conjure up the person that they called their other best friend. Like magic the signature music that followed Jimin played throughout the courtyard full of students.

A series of whistles and catcalls started to erupt as Park Jimin strut down the fresh grass, walking like a damn model, voguing in nature he placed one foot in front of the other. His dainty hands decorated with rings flicked at his blonde hair with pink frosted tips, the silky locks moving with the wind as he flashed his ethereal smile at the desperate guys that could only dream of having him for one night.

Jimin was wearing his favorite uniform, proudly showing off the rigorous sport that he loved and devoted himself too with his entire heart and soul. A cheerleading outfit, white and purple crop top with the school logo in the middle of his chest, his legs exposed while he pranced in the matching mini skirt and all white sneakers.

Yoongi smiled up at Jimin who was approaching his them, Hoseok turning his face to hide the look of annoyance only to throw on the fakest grin. "Hey Jimin! How was your spring break? Did you finally loose your virginity?" Hoseok questioned getting straight to the real important matters that Jimin of course refused to answer.

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