chapter 12

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Jimin parted his plump lips to speak, but the zero amount of words could come out no matter how hard his brain was working to process what this best friend just expressed to him. He's had a feeling like it was true that Yoongi liked him this whole time but he always hoped with his entire heart that he'd never actually vocalize that desire and eventually get over it.

"I'm gonna give you two some privacy." Hoseok spoke up killing the tense air with his bubbly voice. He glanced over at Jimin to see an empty look on his once lively face before shifting to study the remorse floating around in Yoongi's eyes. Without wanting to stay any longer in the comfortable situation Hoseok opened his and Jimin's dorm and slipped inside hurriedly.

"I know that this came out of nowhere but please hear me out..." Yoongi said with pleading eyes, wishful that Jimin wouldn't brush him off or make him feel foolish for confessing out of the blue. Jimin's silence was terrifying to Yoongi, because there was no reading what he was thinking and before giving him the chance to interrupt him Yoongi continued blurting out more of the things he wanted to confess.

"I was scared before, terrified that it would ruin out friendship but I can't be near you anymore and not have you. Jimin, I love you." Yoongi professed he took a step closer to Jimin who couldn't set his eyes on the students walking through the halls because his vision was set on his best friend. He was searching for some sort of hint that this was all some elaborate joke, like he was going to admit that his was just some prank. 

But the vulnerable expression in Yoongi's face made it very clear that this wasn't some joke and that he was actually boldly declaring his love for him. Jimin shook his head, his lips curled up to scowl at Yoongi. "Did you really think that I'd fall for your little speech? Yoongi you've lied to me, and not just about this but about Jungkook and last night. Why would I ever want to be with you with you cant even be honest with me?"

Jimin brushed passed Yoongi with the attempt to enter his dorm room but Yoongi's hand took a hold of Jimin's thin arm and spun him around to where his back was pressed against the door and his vision set on his best friends determiend face. The two males faces were only inches away from each other now, and Jimin could see Yoongi's lips twitching with anxiety over all of this.  

"I know it was stupid to lie! I just, I saw how much you were flirting with him and I wasn't thinking clearly about your feelings but I don't wanna lose you to him. Please give me a chance to show you how well I can treat you." Yoongi pleaded taking his hand up to run it along Jimin's soft cheek and trailing down his jaw before letting it fall back to his side.  

"Yoongi...I--" Jimin gasped when his words were cut short due to Yoongi's mouths covering his. His petite body was pressed against the door as he stood there letting his best friend devour his lips like he's been wanting since forever. Jimin knew that he should've moved, he was well aware that letting Yoongi do this would only give him hope but he was paralyzed. 

Jimin watched Yoongi's eyes flutter shut for a second before pulling away, to Yoongi the kiss was magical even if he was the only one putting in the work. Jimin's lips are just as soft as Yoongi always imaged, there was a soft smile along Yoongi's face before the biggest sharp slap was landed along his left cheek. Shocked, confused and through blurred eyes he saw Jimin frown and wipe at his mouth with disgust.

"Stay away from me!" Jimin growled placing two hands on Yoongi's chest to forcefully push him off giving him enough space to make his escape into his dorm. The door was slammed harshly in Yoongi's face before he could protest and just as he was reaching for the door handle he could hear Jimin's cute little fingers fumbling with the lock, keeping him out and away from him.  

Yoongi rattled the handle several times and proceeded to pound his fist against the door calling out to Jimin who was panting and shaking from the mixed emotions going through his head in that moment. "Please Jimin, just think it over. You and me isnt such an insane idea and you know it! Please think about it!" Yoongi shouted from behind the door but when he was met with silence he sighed out in defeat. 

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