chapter 27

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Jimin's soft skin and eager touches along Jungkook's erection was making the taller males arms tremble and his breathing was becoming short and labored. Jungkook was still hovering over Jimin's lean curvy frame, unable to keep his eyes open anymore because of the arousing sensation of another's hand on his length.

Little drops of precum were dripping along Jimin's opened thighs, he watched through his hooded orbs at how Jungkook was panting, the ends of his silky raven strands were covering half of his face but Jimin could see his cheeks flushing a bright shade of red and feel the burning desire radiating off of him making his skin steamy hot.

Jimin retracted his hand, his sticky fingers moved to lay on the mattress so that he could push himself to sit up. Jungkook's eyes fluttered open to find Jimin kneeling over the bed, his hands reaching out to touch his chest, running them over his abdomen briefly before pushing him back so that he could be the one lying on the bed now.

Jungkook complied rather quickly, his raven hair hit his pillow and he watched with wide orbs as Jimin leaned in, lowering himself towards his swollen cock, his breathe tickling his skin before making contact with the erection. Jungkook's heart nearly jumped out of his chest, his cock twitched when Jimin ran his tongue along the veiny shaft, reaching to the base and coming back up to swallow just the tip.

Electrical pulses cascaded throughout Jungkook's body, his hips jolted upward involuntary making Jimin take his entire length in and a small gag could be heard from the back of his throat. "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry." Jungkook apologized propping himself up on his elbows to see Jimin's teary eyes, he parted slightly and smiled up with the string of salvia still connecting him to the solid cock.

The sight was enough to make Jungkook wanna explode his cum all over Jimin's face but that wasn't how he wanted it to go, at least not today so he held on a little longer, suppressing his urge to ejaculate everywhere. Jimin lowered himself again, hungrily sucking on Jungkook's cock, feeling the sweet premature secretions collecting on his tongue, he swallowed it down and hummed at the delicious taste.

Jungkook rested along his mattress again, his hands reached up to tangle his fingers into Jimin's silky blonde locks, stroking his hair and gently tugging on it whenever Jimin picked up his pace and swirled his tongue skillfully. Jungkook's cock was coated with the warm saliva, the overflowing water trickling down to drench his balls that were soon being fondled carefully.

Just when Jungkook was sure that he'd fill Jimin's mouth up with his cum the amazing sensation came to a stop, a disappointed sigh left Jungkook's mouth as he moaned out into the air and jerked his body upward wanting more. Jungkook's arms reached out to take a hold of waist urging him to come closer again, and Jimin was not about to oppose the idea. 

Jimin crawled along Jungkook's masculine body, his legs resting on the opposites sides of the tallers slim hips as he straddled him. Without clothing this feeling was different, more intimate, more personal and both were now gazing into each other's sultry eyes knowing exactly what the other wanted and needed. "I've been imagining this since the second I laid eyes on you." Jimin confessed. 

Jungkook chuckled, a raspy groan following after because Jimin had taken a hold of his cock and aligned the the slippery hardness along his entrance bracing himself for the stretch that would be far more exhilarating than fingers being rammed inside. "Ah." Jimin mewled softly, the tip of Jungkook's cock was just barely in yet Jimin couldn't help but feel overwhelmed with pain and pleasure. 

With an enormous breath filling up his lungs Jimin relaxed his tensed body and let himself sink further down, his head fell back and he released a few loud moan into the air. "Oh! Mhmmm! Ahh, ahh!" Jimin whimpered. His entrance had expanded by a few inches, and he found himself cursing the size of Jungkook's girth, the thick solid erection made him feel like he was being torn apart from the inside.    

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