chapter 09

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Yoongi had his fist balled up to his side, only a few minutes passed since Jungkook and Jimin left him to stand in the endless line all by himself. "Fuck this, I'm not gonna let Jungkook tell him the truth." The cheerleader claimed storming out of the deli only to run into the strong chest of a much larger male.

"Oh god no, I do not have time for you." Yoongi snapped stepping to the left in attempt to maneuver around Taehyung's massive body but the taller male was quick on his feet and he made the same motion blocking off any chance of escaping. "Fucking move I said." Yoongi growled glaring up at the football players handsome face.

Yoongi disliked Taehyung for awhile now, mostly because he's the resident fuck boy, he's hooked up with Hoseok plenty of times and continued to flirt with Jimin endlessly. He told himself that his cocky attitude is what he hated because he refused to accept that he was secretly jealous that he never sparked any interest in him like the other cheerleaders did.

"I'm not trying to fight with you, but you sure are cute as fuck when you're angry. That little nose scrunch is just adorable, makes me wonder what other kind of faces you can make, specifically an orgasm face. I bet you look stunning when you're on the verge of cumming." Taehyung teased and a stain of blush spread across Yoongi's face.

"What the fuck, y-you, you can't just go around saying shit like that to people!" Yoongi stammered nervously, Taehyung's dark orbs were piercing on his porcelain skin and he wanted nothing more than to disappear into the walls of the building beside him to avoid this conversation that was making him feel hot and bothered.

"I, uhm, I need to go find Jimin." Yoongi pushed past Taehyung who was actually letting him leave this time. "The fucking nerve of him, thinking that I'd just fall for his raunchy comments like that, like I'd ever be attracted to some stupid horndog like him! He's fucking disgusting with that soft brown hair of his, those pouty red lips of his and that deadly jaw line, what the hell am I saying?!"

Yoongi was rambling internally and walking down the sidewalk aimlessly, he didn't have the mental strength to find Jimin and explain why he lied and he his stomach was rumbling for some damn fuel. So when he turned around to go wait in the long line at the deli shop again he saw Taehyung just a few steps behind him. "You're following me now?"

"You don't own these streets cutie, I'm just walking." Taehyung chuckled walking past Yoongi who was frowning and scoffing out in annoyance that he couldn't shake the handsome football player out of his mind. Yoongi watched Taehyung take a few steps down the sidewalk until he suddenly turned around and marched back up to the cheerleader. 

"Do you wanna have breakfast with me? There's a diner further down the street that doesn't get stupidly busy like the deli shop. Come, I promise to not flirt with you until after you have eaten something." Taehyung suggested with a hopeful smile, he could see Yoongi fighting the urge to smile, there was the shade of blush still fresh on his cheeks and just when Taehyung was sure he'd refuse the cheerleader let out a small, "Okay."

The students at the college campus on Saturday mornings would always pace themselves slower than they would on weekdays, rarely anyone had classes and almost everyone was hungover. Jimin hardly had the time to party weekend after weekend considering the intense work outs he always partook in but today he was finally able to just relax.

"Thanks for agreeing to walk with me, I'm sure Namjoon would rather have you all running suicides this early morning instead." Jimin mentioned with a light laugh as he glanced his eyes up to see Jungkook smile. The football player wasn't making eye contact with him though, his vision was on the cement ground under them.

"Joon probably had that planned out actually, but I have a sneaking suspicions that he's sleeping comfortably right now." Jungkook snickered recalling how he accidentally walked in on his team captain soiling the bed-sheets with college frat boy Seokjin last night.

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