chapter 05

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It was midnight when the cheerleaders entered through the enormous, luxurious frat house that could've been mistaken for a fucking mansion. There were expensive cars parked outside, from Rang Rovers, Mercedes, and Lexus, proving to the world that only rich males were allowed to join that fraternity, and Seokjin was the most loaded one. 

Elegant tall white pillars decorated the front of the house, with a giant wrap around porch where drunk people were currently occupying it, but the main attraction that brought everyone to the frat parties was the spacious fancy Jacuzzi located near the lavish pool that contained a steep water slide and a fucking mini bar that resided in the back of the frat house. 

Jimin wasn't into rich guys, throwing money around like Seokjin and his friends did was not his speed or provided any interest in him, but Hoseok on the other hand enjoyed searching for suitors who owned expensive things. "Gonna find me a rich daddy tonight." Hoseok snickered with a few other cheerleader who were nodding and joining in on the idea. 

Upon stepping foot inside where the music and bass pounded in their ears the cheerleaders were greeted by the hundred faces that were gawking at their flawless visuals and fierce outfits. Every single member on the team was gorgeous, talented and flexible and it was impossible for people to not like them and if they claimed they didn't it was because they were fucking jealous. 

Seokjin with two drinks in his hand walked over to the group of males and females that arrived fashionably late. "Glad you could make it after all, Jimin you look amazing like always! Hobi love that fucking outfit!" Seokjin declared scanning the tight black mini skirt with a red mesh crop top that Hoseok was twirling around in modeling his newest fit.

"I know, now show me where the alcohol is Jinny." Hoseok demanded and like the wind he and few other cheerleaders were making their way over to the open bar, gazing with bright eyes at the several assortment of bottles that were ready to be emptied from the glass containers and into their bloodstream.  

Every cheerleader started to move their own way except for Yoongi, but Jimin didn't notice because he was searching for a particular handsome person, a football player that had bulging muscles on top of more big muscles. The hunky hot guy that went by the name of Jeon Jungkook was the only person Jimin was interested in seeing right now.  

Jimin had spent the last 30 minutes of his life trying to find the perfect out, something that could reel Jungkook in even further, an outfit so fucking deadly that Jungkook wouldn't be able to take his eyes, hands or tongue off of him. Jimin was hoping that this time Jungkook could find a little courage and kiss him, touch him and do all kinds of erotic things to him tonight. 

Jungkook and the other football players were already in the frat house when Jimin and his squad got there, all of them were engaging in a beer pong game. Taehyung was going overboard with the mixed drinks but Jungkook was taking his time like usual, he wanted to be just a little buzzed for when Jimin came around to help him boost his confidence, not trying to be sloppy drunk and embarrassing himself. 

It was Jungkook's turn to toss the ball but his actions came to a stop when Jimin's sexy figure could be noticed in the distance, and Jungkook's jaw nearly broke when it dropped to the floor because of what his cheerleader crush was wearing. "How the fuck is one person so gorgeous?" The timid football player declared when his eyes took in the details of Jimin's heavenly beauty that was just unreal. 

On his slim curvy figure Jimin had a pastel pink leather mini skirt, laced up on one side to expose his delicious sculpted thigh and the little secret that he was wearing a white thong underneath. Covering his chest but making it fucking obvious of his new nipple piercings Jimin wore a matching colored low cut, cami type crop top that hugged his body perfectly.

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