chapter 15

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Jimin's eyes became hidden passed his full cheeks that shifted upward when his blinding smile spread across his face over the sweetly bold words that Jungkook expressed to him. "Okay, I'll stay but only if you let me wear your shirt again." Jimin said collecting the giant piece of clothing from the floor and holding it close to his chest.

Jungkook nodded, his giant bunny grin permanent on his face while he stared at Jimin's beautiful features. "Yeah, you look amazing in it anyways." He confessed sheepishly, the view of Jimin being shirtless and only in skirt was amazing, but he enjoyed seeing him wearing his clothes even better.

Jimin let out a series of bubbly giggles and he tossed his blouse somewhere off on Taehyung's side of the dorm before letting Jungkook's shirt swallow him whole again. The cotton fabric felt nice on his skin, and without letting Jungkook get a glance at his rear he slid his skirt off and made his way to sit over the bed again.

Those pretty little hands of Jimin's were resting on lap as he sat with his legs crossed, pensive and frowning to himself. "I'm sorry for being dramatic like that. I'm a total fucking cliche, bitchy cheerleader who makes a big ass tantrum when he doesn't get what he wants." Jimin complained pout on his plump lips over the things people told him over the years.

"Don't apologize, you are none of those things. You are just very out spoken but that doesn't make you a bad person." Jungkook demanded, he set his land over top of Jimin's hand, stroking at his soft skin that created a firework explosion in his body. The heat radiating off Jimin was hypnotizing and Jungkook craved more of it.

Jimin watched Jungkook's hand slid against his, he turned his hand over to let their fingers intertwine. It felt natural, like their hands belonged with each other and even if he knew nothing about Jungkook he couldn't shake off how comfortable and free he felt in his presence. "Thank you, but now I feel like a dumbass for thinking you wanted to have sex with me." Jimin mumbled.

"You're not dumb." Jungkook said but Jimin was shaking his head, his cheeks flushing red with embarrassment. "It's just that, Hobi is always giving me shit for not having sex, he keeps saying that my form is stiff because I haven't had anyone's dick in my ass. I'm just fed up with it and wanted to just get it over with." Jimin grumbled out in annoyance.

"I actually understand, Tae's always doing the same, telling me how much stress free my life would be if I got laid, it's seriously annoying and makes no damn sense when midterms are the cause of my stress. Like, I get sex for them is whatever, but I always planned my first time to be romantic." Jungkook confessed now hiding his face in his lap because he could feel Jimin's eyes on him.

Jimin bit at his bottom lip to stop himself from giggling out and making Jungkook feel ashamed. Of course he didn't find it silly, on the contrary he found Jungkook's romantic personality to be the most precious thing about him. "That's actually really cute. So, if we were to have sex one day, what would it be like?" Jimin asked making Jungkook gulp at the thought of them naked in bed.

Jungkook chuckled nervously, stammering over his words that he couldn't find until Jimin's hand touched his face. His chin was lifted up making his view of his lap no longer in his line of vision and instead all he could see was the beautiful sparkle in Jimin's eyes that were waiting to hear his romantic ideas. "Please, tell me, don't be shy." Jimin whispered sweetly and Jungkook could never deny that beautiful cheerleader of his commands.

"Well, its gonna sound totally cheesy, but I would decorate the room with like scented candles, which ever your favorite is and then there would be some soft music playing in the background to set the mode. It's so lame I know, I regret saying it out loud already." Jungkook exclaimed closing his eyes to avoid seeing Jimin's expression over his special idea.

Jimin's lips turned up into a big smile, he took a hold of Jungkook's hand again and squeezed it a little until Jungkook opened his eyes up again ."That sounds amazing, it's not lame at all. I can totally picture it now actually, but maybe we could add like rose pedals on the bed, and can't forget the fancy ass wine to get us loose and feeling sexy." Jimin suggested softly.

Jungkook let out the breathe of air that he hadn't realized he was holding, because he had expected for Jimin to laugh at him and make fun of his thought out plan but the lovely cheerleader was actually touched and falling over the idea after all. Jungkook hasn't had a great response to how he wanted to lose his virginity before, the last partner he had told him that it was stupid and dumped him over it.

"Hopefully when you're ready we can make it happen." Jungkook proposed carefully hoping not to offend Jimin, but the pretty cheerleader was nodding, flashing that beautiful smile so closely to him again. "Promise?" Jimin uttered softly under his breath and leaning in to leave a kiss on Jungkook's cheek when the football player agreed to the deal.

Jimin pulled away from Jungkook's face to glance over at the TV, cringing when he saw the blood and guts all over the screen from the movie they let playing in the background. He was so wrapped up in Jungkook's smile and his sweet voice that he hadn't even noticed the zombies grunt and characters screaming all around him. "Can we please stop the movie? It sucks horribly." Jimin confessed.

Jungkook couldn't agree anymore, after having Jimin and him bond like they did the movie now seemed wack as fuck to him and he rather just not bother with it at this point. "Yeah, what do you wanna do instead?" Jungkook questioned. He watched Jimin purse his plump lips together as he thought to himself, that cute innocent face though morphed into a naughty little smile. 

"I wanna lie down on your bed, I wanna cuddle and talk some more, oh and if you could kiss every now and then that'd be great too." Jimin giggled biting up his bottom like and scooting back to lie flat against Jungkook's bed watching his eyes move from his smile to his exposed thighs. "Yeah, okay I can do that for you." Jungkook breathed out.

Jimin and Jungkook spent the next hour snuggled up in warm fleece blankets, their conversations consisted of interest and hobbies outside of their sports and it was wholesome getting to know the other male even more and seeing Jimin relaxed and at ease, usually Jungkook always saw him screaming and chanting, hopping and flipping but his petite body lying in his arms was a much better sight.

Jungkook was propped on his elbows now, his body was leaned forward kissing Jimin's lips gently, licking up his entire mouth and nibbling on his neck. Jimin had his sneakily little hands tangled up in Jungkook's hair, tugging on it and stroking at it when the sound of his cell phone rang making them whine and part from each other. "It's Hobi calling, he and Tae are probably done." Jimin mentioned staring at his phone.

"Hey Hobi is it safe to come back now?" Jimin huffed out on the phone, not realizing how out of breathe he was from sucking on Jungkook's lips, their moment was getting a little heated and it was probably a good thing someone interrupted them. Jungkook watched Jimin pause and listen to the other cheerleaders words carefully, he had his eyebrows furrowed and a pout on his lips.

"Oh, really. I don't know let me ask Jungkook." Jimin said, he pulled the phone away from his face and turned to see the puzzled look on the handsome football players face. "They want us to go over and play some drinking games with them. Tae insists, he's out buying alcohol now, are you up for it?" Jimin questioned.

Jungkook shrugged his shoulders, he much rather stay in his dorm and make out with Jimin, drowning in his saliva and melt against his heated skin but he wasn't going to force the pretty cheerleader so he nodded instead. "Sure, should be fun." Jungkook exclaimed, knowing well that drunk Taehyung tended to create disasters every time.

A few minutes later and Jimin was back into his sexy skimpy out that Jungkook was starting to miss so badly. They had made it to Jimin's dorm building maneuvering around the several students coming in and out with their red plastic cups and drunken bodies tripping over each other.

"I swear to the fallen football stars in heaven Tae better not be trying to plan an orgy or I'm gonna fucking kill him!"



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