chapter 24

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It was officially Sunday night, Jimin spent the entire weekend sulking over how much he missed Jungkook and Hoseok had grown tired of his best friends ranting. "He'll be back in like two hour can you talk about anything else for gods sake?" The cheerleader grumbled, annoyed that his glittery red nail polish was already chipping.

"Damn sorry didn't mean to shove my happiness in your bitter misery over there." Jimin snickered playing tossing a pillow towards Hoseok's side. "How are things with Tae? I don't see him here anymore? Did you guys finally get tired of each other?" Jimin questioned, startled when Hoseok slammed his hand against his desk and stood up.

Jimin didn't expect for Hoseok to react the way he did, normally his cheerful friend would go on and on about how huge Tae's dick was an how incredible sex was with him so this was definitely out of character for the peppy cheerleader. "I'm going out for some air." Hoseok muttered grabbing his hoodie and slamming the door behind him.

Jimin hesitated, he pondered on whether if he should follow his friend out and demand to know why he wasn't feeling up to the conversation but something inside him decided to just leave Hoseok alone. "Trying to pry details out of him right now we just end up making this fight and I'm not in the mood for that." Jimin exclaimed.

Hoseok was upset indeed, Taehyung had been avoiding him for the past month. They've crossed paths several times throughout the day, and Hoseok would suggest a quick little sex session before their next class but Taehyung would always come up with an excuse, leaving Hoseok to wonder if the handsome football player had outgrown his physical attraction for him.

The only thing different that Hoseok could come up with was Yoongi, he knew for a fact that they had kissed that day during their truth or drink game and he didn't think anything of it then because Taehyung had kissed nearly half the cheerleading squad. It bothered him though that someone as simple as Yoongi could steal something away from him.

"He doesn't even bottom though, plus he likes Jimin. There can't be anything going on between them right?" Hoseok questioned himself, aggravated that he couldn't handle the situation on his own merits. Hoseok took pride in being one of the hottest guys in the school and an amazing cheerleader so it baffled him as to why Taehyung was brushing him off.

Yoongi was lying on his bed, it was nearly 9pm and even since he'd been lonely without Jimin and Hoseok's company he was restless. There have been many occasions where Yoongi wanted to apologize and work things out with Jimin but his fear crippled him every time and he ran in a different direction instead.

And every time Yoongi found himself running away from Jimin he'd fine Taehyung standing at his dorm room with a giant boxy smile on his face as he waiting for his arrival. Yoongi hated how much Taehyung's presence comforted him, but he had to admit that he's always wanted to be taken care of, trying to be the stronger dominate male was becoming exhausting.

A knock on the door startled Yoongi from his thoughts, he groaned insane annoyance and lifted himself off the bed to drag his fit towards the door. He had assumed it was his roommate, thinking that maybe he had left his keys when he went to visit his girlfriend's dorm where he mostly stayed at, Yoongi practically lived alone at this point.

But he was surprised to see one of his best friends standing at the door instead, "Hobi?" Yoongi questioned puzzled, completely thrown off by the sudden visitation. "W-wha, is everything okay? What are you doing here?" Yoongi asked glancing outside worried that something had happened to Jimin.

"Are you and Tae fucking?" Hoseok demanded to know and Yoongi nearly choked on his own spit, the saliva going down his trachea and inflicting pain to his chest. Hoseok rolled his eyes and waited, watching with unamused eyes as Yoongi continued struggle with the most simplest thing all living creatures do, breathe. "Don't fucking avoid me, answer!" Hoseok growled angrily.

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