chapter 11

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Jungkook could not believe his luck the past two days, he's been crushing on Jimin since forever and in just a span of hours he was able to have the most gorgeous cheerleader to ever walk the earth notice him. He was overjoyed when Jimin spared a few words to him but this kiss they were sharing was better than he could ever imagine.

Jimin pretty little hands slid up Jungkook's neck, tickling every inches of the other males skin and leaving this burning fire to linger on it until he reached the soft raven locks that felt silky and well conditioned. Jungkook, lost in the moment also moved his hands, but his ventured towards the small of Jimin's back, resting his hands just above his round perky ass.

Jungkook opened his mouth slightly and the invitation for Jimin's tongue to venture inside was received and accepted almost instantly. A soft groan rumbled at the back of Jungkook's throat when Jimin began to hungrily flick his tongue along his, he moved his long thick flesh to touch every corner of Jungkook's mouth making it seem like he's also been craving this moment.

A breath of air is what Jungkook needed but how could he pull away from Jimin's magical touches, his fingers were gripping tightly onto his hair, and his teeth were nibbling gently at his slender lips before wetting them as he ran his tongue along them. Jimin was quite fucking aggressive and Jungkook was enjoying letting him make the reins of this wild ride.

Sadly the delightful moment between the two came to a quick end when a loud stern voice shouted out a few words to them. "Hey! You two, no sex in the garden!" Voiced out the campus security making Jimin's lips abruptly pull away from Jungkook's flushed skin to glance over and see a tall well built authoritative male coming towards them.

"Gah fucking crap." Jimin huffed out, he rolled his pretty eyes and crawled off Jungkook's body that felt cold and empty without the lovely cheerleader pressed against him now. "Okay, we're leaving you can go and harass other students now." Jimin sassed as he bent over to grab his coffee cup and Jungkook's, annoyance was all over his face and Jungkook didn't understand until the older male began talking again.

"Hey Jimin, didn't know you were dating again, moved on from our passionate romance so quick I see." The older male stated making Jimin scuff and glare in his direction. The campus security removed his gaze from Jimin's pretty angry face to glance at the familiar football player standing beside him, a look of confusion in his expression.

"Cheating on me doesn't fucking qualify as romantic Hyunwoo but thank god you fucking did early on in our relationship. I really dodged a fucking bullet didn't I?" Jimin snapped handing Jungkook his coffee cup and grabbing at his free hand, interlocking them together and dragging him away from the uncomfortable situation that they were forced upon this beautiful Saturday morning.

Hyunwoo chuckled off the notorious sassy attitude that was Jimin's signature move, he watched Jungkook and Jimin storm off into the distance with his mind running on the previous memories of Jimin pressed against his skin and in his arms. "I'll find a way to get Jimin back, so don't get too fucking comfortable." He declared to Jungkook internally.

Jimin was huffing and puffing, his fingernails were digging into Jungkook's skin and even if he wanted to speak up and pull his hand away he enjoyed the closeness between them, so he left Jimin scar him up and use him like a scratching post until further notice. "So, um lovely weather we're having don't you think?" Jungkook questioned softly hoping not to make Jiimin even more pissed.

The two had already made it out of the campus garden and back into civilization, they could see the other students hanging outside with their friends, enjoying the nice weather, tanning under the sun and picnicking with delicious breakfast. Jimin sighed out and finally let go of Jungkook's hand to glance up at his wide doe eyes that were appeared so innocent, kind and gentle something Jimin's been searching for in a partner.

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