chapter 49

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~ Thursday Afternoon ~

After Jimin no longer had classes to attend he was in the comfort of his own dorm. He had a few hours until practice started and since Hoseok left to hang out with Yeri and Yoongi was with Taehyung Jimin was using his free time to finish up a few assignments before Jungkook showed up. Jimin didn't like being alone though, because he was always paranoid that Hyunwoo would show up, force himself into his dorm and violate him.

Jimin was quietly clicking away at the keyboard along his laptop, frowning and gazing up at the door every so often because he was scared. Jimin hadn't been sleeping well, every time he closed his eyes he felt like he'd see Hyunwoo standing over him, running his disgusting hand over his thigh and silencing him from screaming out for help. Jimin hated this fear the security guard created in him, being terrified all the time was no way to live.

A knock on the door brought Jimin away from his thoughts and made his heart quake because his mind was still stuck on Hyunwoo tormenting him but when he heard the voice from behind the door his entire body relaxed. "Baby it's me! Are you in there?" Jungkook questioned, and Jimin was soon flying off his bed, he tossed his laptop off his lap to rush toward the doors, dying to see his handsome boyfriend's sweet smile.

"Jungkook!" Jimin squeaked when the swung door opened. He wrapped his arms around Jungkook's larger body leaving him surprised at the attack but he dropped his black backpack and duffel bag to the ground nonetheless and returned the embrace. "Everything okay Jimin?" Jungkook asked worriedly and his pretty boyfriend nodded his head, gazing up at him with glistening brown eyes before kissing his lips softly.

"I just really missed you, that's all." Jimin said with a pout. "Awh, well I missed you too beautiful." The taller exclaimed stealing another kiss before parting to grab his belongings from the floor and entering the dorm. Jungkook didn't notice that his lovely cheerleader boyfriend was making his fingers hurriedly lock the knob, but he did hear the heavy sigh that he released before turning around to rapidly snuggle up into his strong chest.

Jungkook wanted to question Jimin's odd behavior but he figured that it had to do with how close Saturday was and he promised to not bring anything up until discussing it with the coach. Jungkook held Jimin tightly, securing him safely in his arms and taking him toward the bed, Jimin let his boyfriend guide him, and when the football player sat he was quickly straddling his lap and burying his face against his neck.

"Were you working on assignments? You should get back to them, or we can go outside for a walk if you want?" Jungkook suggested but Jimin lifted his head and shook it. "No, I just want this nightmare to end, I can't keep doing this anymore. I'm always scared of running into him, or seeing in the middle of the night. Jungkook I just wanna move on with my life." Jimin expressed with tears filling up his lovely eyes.

Jungkook nodded in agreement, he wiped Jimin's salty secretions away and kissed his lips before whispering, "Let's go now then because I hate seeing you like this Jimin. Your eyes are too beautiful, too precious to be crying everyday because of that sick fuck." The cheerleader sniffled and pressed his lips deeper against Jungkook's, showing off how much he appreciated all the comfort he gave him.

Within minutes Jimin was changing, out of his pretty outfit and into his sports gear. Although Jungkook had already seen his boyfriend naked a couple of times he was trying his best to respect his privacy and keeping his eyes on the ground. The cheerleader is too gorgeous to not admire though and Jungkook was nearly drooling as he studied the way Jimin was making his round bottom squeeze into the black spandex leggings.

The elastic material fit snug around Jimin's sculpted body, and Jungkook was gulping hard, gripping the bedsheets tightly because his mind was recalling the last time they had sex. Jimin could see from the reflection of the mirror the way Jungkook's eyes were glued to his ass, he snickered to himself liking the attention and resumed getting dressed, covering his upper body with a tight fitted pink top that exposed his soft skin and formed abdomen.

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