chapter 21

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Jimin was smoothing out the wrinkles along his yellow checkered print high rise skirt, shifting from side to side and twirling around in front of the standing mirror to make sure that he was feeling the outfit.

The beautiful cheerleader wore a coordinating crop top that was slim fitting and showing off his lovely narrow shoulders, and to finish it off he added a black velvet choker with a kitty bell dangling between his collar bone.

"Are you sure you don't wanna come with us Hobi? I thought you and Taehyung were a thing? Plus, it'd be really great to have you there to distract him from pestering Jungkook and I about our nonexistent sex life." Jimin mentioned.

The tiny cheerleader was still checking himself out in the mirror and sliding on the bubble gum pink shade along his plump lips, carefully adding the lip stain and smiling brightly at how gorgeous he was.

"No, as much as I'd love saving you from Tae's stupidity I have things to do. Yeri, Joy and I already made plans to hang out today, sorry." Hoseok mentioned. He was fixing the buttons along his dark blue jean skirt and tucking in the sleeveless red blouse. "Plus, Tae and I arent official, I mean we don't want the same thing, he wants something stable and I can't give him that." Hoseok whispered softly.

Jimin put a pause to adding more concealer on the billions of dark hickies Jungkook left on him and turned to watch Hoseok slip into his chestnut colored romaine styled sandals, he was sitting over his bed and normally Hoseok never looked bothered by anything but it was clear to Jimin that this time his best friend was being troubled by something. "Are you sure you don't want a serious relationship with him?"

Hoseok chuckled and shook his head making his fluffy brown hair move with him, "No Jimin, don't assume insane shit like that. Plus, I think he's interested in someone else." The other cheerleader mentioned before hopping up on his two feet and fixing the skirt that kept riding up a little, he moved towards his closet and plucked out his purse refusing to make eye contact with Jimin.

"Tae's interested in anything with a heartbeat." Jimin snickered getting Hoseok to relax his tensed shoulders and let out his lively laugh that brought a smile to Jimin's face. The two roommates were best friends, but ever since last season they've spent most of their time being catty towards each other and Jimin missed them being close. "If you're not busy tonight do you wanna hang out with me?" Jimin asked.

Hoseok walked over to Jimin's mirror to apply his lipstick. "That sounds nice, I'll bring the junk food, might as well pig out before we are forced to starve ourselves." He claimed smiling and almost messing up his make up when Jimin jumped in place and wrapped his thin arms around his neck shouting his high pitched voice in his ear.

"It's gonna be great! Just like old times!" Jimin cheered until the sound of knocking caught his attention, he hurriedly pulled away from Hoseok and swung the door wide open to revel Jungkook's handsome face. Jungkook wore a fond grin on his face until his eyes took in Jimin's sexy attire, the perfect curves and the smooth exposed skin that made his mouth water and his heart race.

"W-wow, Jimin, you look, so amazing, and your l-legs, so pretty." Jungkook mumbled, slurping back the drool that wanted to spill out at the thought of Jimin pressed against him again like last night. Jimin was giggling happily, biting at his bottom lip and enjoying how the handsome taller male was always at a lost for rational and complete words whenever he laid his eyes on him. 

Moments later Jimin and Jungkook were entering the diner, they found Taehyung already in a booth trying to gently let down the pretty waitress who was batting her lashes at him and smiling widely at everything the male was saying.

"I'm not lying, I really do have two friends coming here to meet me any second." Taehyung said hoping that the female would catch on that he wasn't there to see her and that he actually wanted some damn food already.

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