chapter 41

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Yoongi has never gotten in a fight in his entire life, putting hands on someone else despite how much shit they were talking wasn't anything he ever indulged in, and it wasn't out out of fear that he'd get hurt but out of worry that he'd beat a bitch so bad he'd jeopardize his spot in cheerleading. That was not the case right now though, Yoongi wasn't thinking clearly anymore, not considering how this could affect his reputation, his chance to preform in the tryouts next week, or caring how disappointed his cheer captain would be in him.

"Cheerleaders don't act like savages, we have a classy image to uphold. We are above the those sneaky little cat fights, and getting our hands dirty but that doesn't mean that we'll just let bitches run their mouths about us like aren't gonna do shit. Hating on us just means we have something they don't and truthfully there is nothing better than knowing that we live in their pathetic minds rent free." Jimin always told his cheerleaders.  

Yoongi could hear Jimin's words, he could feel his bestfriends hand stroking his arm to calm him down but Kihyun had pushed some certain buttons and it didn't help that he was already aggravated, pissed the fuck off at Taehyung and this fake ass conversation was provoking him even further. Yoongi couldn't stand listening to Kihyun anymore, the pulsing sound in his brain helped with that but his impulse took over eventually. 

Jimin reached out for Yoongi desperately went he let go of his hand, but it was useless and too late because his bestfriend was already charging forward, tackling Kihyun to the cold, hard ground like he should've been a football player this whole time. The crowd around them dispersed, all of them watching the events folding before them, because the two males in skirts were clawing at each other, angrily shouting past the loud music around them.  

Yoongi was straddling Kihyun who was kicking his legs violently under him, struggling to get free from the tight hold around his neck, the other males reflexes were quick and before he could react like he wanted to he felt his back hit the marble floor of the unfamiliar frat house he shouldn't have stepped foot into anyways. "You stupid fucking bitch, I don't give a shit about you, but I'll be damned if I let you make fun of me in my own fucking territory!" Yoongi growled with fury. 

Kihyun's eyes were watering, his fingernails were digging deeply into Yoongi's arms, trying to pry him off and seek the air he so desperately needed, but it was obvious that the other cheerleader was pissed, he reached his boiling point and was trying to make a statement, starting with him. "Yoongi! Stop!" Jimin yelled pulling his bestfriend shoulders, he didn't want Yoongi getting himself into something so juvenile because of some petty nobody.  

Yoongi released his hold on Kihyun and pushed Jimin off, he balled up his fist and landed it roughly over the others left  eye, but he before he could deliver more he was caught off guard because Jimin was still pleading for him to stop. Yoongi's focus was interrupted and when he glared back at Kihyun his vision was blinded by the fist coming towards his nose, the impact made him fall backward and now their positions along the floor switched.   

Kihyun was cursing at Yoongi, screaming at the top of his lung and spitting tons of bullshit about how he was going to make him pay for fucking up pretty eyes. Everything was going fast, Jimin was panicking because the crowd watching them were getting rowdier than the music and Yoongi and Kihyun were getting more violent with their punches, clawing at each other and rolling all over the dirty ground, ruining their cute clothes and make up.  

Jimin was mentally apologizing to his manicured nails and the cheerleaders before him because he was about to get himself into the fight. The pretty cheer captain was against violence, he liked using his sassy attitude to shut bitches down when he needed to but this altercation had escalated far beyond anything he was used to and he was utterly stunned, but he could never let his cheerleaders suffer on their own, especially when it was his bestfriend Yoongi. 

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