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Park Jimin is a gorgeous cheerleader, everyone loves him and those who don't clearly envy him but the confident male is the cheer captain and he doesn't give a single fuck about those lame petty bitches.

Jeon Jungkook is a football player, he's a bold wide receiver, daring on the field, and ready to take his team to victory. When he's not in his gear though, Jungkook is painfully shy, horribly timid and secretly crushing hard on Jimin.



Park Jimin

Jeon Jungkook

Min Yoongi

Kim Taehyung


Jung Hoseok

Kim Seokjin

Kim Namjoon



▪ Jikook

▪ Vhope

▪ Taegi

▪ Namjin



▪ Mature Themes
▪ Cross Dressing
▪ Stupid Drama
▪ Gay Smut Scenes
▪ Foul Language
▪︎ Clichés & Stereotypes
▪︎ Top Kook × Bottom Jimin
▪︎ Top Tae × Bottom Yoongi


Please understand that this story is pure fiction

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Please understand that this story is pure fiction. Do not be upset that certain characters act in a manner that you do not approve of because their actions do not reflect who they are. I love every BTS member with my entire heart and how I make them in my story is not based on how I feel about them.

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