chapter 25

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Yoongi stood outside of Jimin's dorm for a few minutes, his mind coming up with what to tell his former best friend, he wanted to apologize but he also didn't want to beg him for his friendship either. So Yoongi knocked on the door and anxiously bit at his fingernails as he waited to see the face of the pretty cheerleader on the other side.

Jimin opened the door in confusion, his face was already clear from all its usual make up making him appear less intimidating and his blonde hair was still wet from his shower. To Yoongi it looked like Jimin was getting ready to go on a date and it was safe to assume that he was getting ready to see Jungkook. "Hey, sorry to bother you, but Hobi sent me to pickup up his make up and some skirts." Yoongi mumbled refusing to meet eyes with Jimin.

"Wait? Hobi was with you? Is he okay, he seemed bothered earlier." Jimin questioned worriedly, his soft eyes studying Yoongi's expression that was easily readable. The other cheerleader scratched at the back of his neck and nodded, "I don't know, he sprained his ankle, he was supposed to be off of it but he keeps pushing himself." Yoongi confessed.

"What? I need to go check on him, why didn't he tell me?" Jimin demanded to know, he rushed back into his room and began placing on his shoes, Yoongi following behind. "No, you cant, because then he'll be mad at me for telling you. He said he'll just take pain killers and take it easy at practice in the mean time." Yoongi tried but Jimin was stubborn.

"I'm the cheer captain, I should've noticed something was wrong with his lack of enthusiasm lately." Jimin sighed out, he pinched the bridge of his nose in aggravation, realizing that he had neglected several important things in his life because of Jungkook. Of course he didn't blame the handsome football player but himself for not knowing how to balance it all.

Yoongi couldn't protest to Jimin tagging along, he turned and began collecting Hoseok's things, grabbing a few outfits and the glittery green make up box and stepped out of the dorm with Jimin by his side. The walk out of the building and around the court yard was awkward was hell, Jimin was silent and Yoongi assumed it was because of their unresolved drama.

"So you and Jungkook seem happy together..." Yoongi questioned not liking the way his words wounding shady as hell. He wasn't entirely upset about it anymore, in fact he had forgotten about their issues thanks to Taehyung's persistent actions that happened on the daily. Jimin cleared his throat and let out a scuff, he crossed his arms over his chest as he walked and remained silent.

Yoongi sighed, he glanced up at the large moon shining over them and stopped in the middle of the side walk getting Jimin to do the same as he watched with confusion. "Jimin, I don't wanna start anything again. I just, I just wanted to apologize, i shouldn't have kissed you or lied to you." Yoongi expressed focusing his vision back on Jimin that glowed under the dark skies and bright street lights.

"I love you Jimin, you're my best friend and my cheer captain. I'm devoted to you, and I'm always gonna have strong feelings for you but maybe they arent romantic like I thought they were." Yoongi exclaimed flashing a fond gummy grin at Jimin who was too stunned to speak back, he quietly processed what he just heard, but he was at a loss for words and all he could do was nod and begin to walk again.

Yoongi let out another sigh and resumed his motion again, it only took a few more minutes to reach his dorm and the second he and Jimin entered Hoseok and the cheer captain began bickering. It was the type of argument were Yoongi was concerned that it would lead to actual fighting it was mostly Jimin scolding Hoseok and the other cheerleader mumbling in understanding.

Jimin huffed in annoyance, he loved the title of cheer captain, but making sure that everyone was mentally and physically okay was exhausting. "So, what are you guys doing? What's up with all the make up and clothes?" Jimin questioned glancing over to see that Yoongi had set the outfits on his bed, assortment of colors ranging from soft pastels, to bright glittery ones and dark and sultry ones. Jimin was perplexed at first until his fiends spoke up.

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