chapter 37

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Jimin was standing the middle of the field with his pretty dainty hands on his curvy hips as he gazed at the blurred out crowds watching him and his squad. The lights from the stadium were bright and it made things easier once the music started playing because their scrutinizing eyes were unnoticeable, their looks and judgmental faces were nonexistent and he was free to preform like he was in the comfort of the gymnasium. 

"WHO ARE WE? MIGHTY LEOPARDS! WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO? FIGHT AND WIN!" Jimin shouted getting the crowd and his cheerleaders to play along. He gripped onto his pompom and moved them in the sky as he repeated the chant, louder and louder until their side of the stadium was on their feet, stomping on the metal bleachers and cheering them on.

The music started to play throughout the speakers and Jimin watched Yeri and Hoseok start off their routine. They perfected their cartwheels over the field, high-fiving and waving at the crowd before doing back flips to get back into formation. Then the entire time broke into dance, their hips swaying their pompoms shaking as they continued chanting and pumping everyones spirits up.

"LEOPARDS FANS SCREAM AND SHOUT, SHOW THESE LOSERS WHAT WE'R ALL ABOUT! WE GOT SPIRT, WE GOT CHEER, WE HAVE FIRE AND NO FEAR!" All the cheerleaders shouted, some of them dipped low to the ground, and rocked their hips slowly and sensually catching every souls attention even the opposites teams fans. Jimin took in a deep breath went he bent over to touch ground, grinding the lucky artificial grass that soon felt them all doing it.

Jimin couldn't see it but the captain on the other team was livid, hateful and angry that everyone was watching him attentively, enjoying the show of his lovely legs out on display and his booty popping in the tight skit that they all wished he would take off. People even fucking paused from eating their snacks to stare at all the lovely cheerleader, the girls with their breast bouncing and the males rolling their bodies.

Jimin was soon lifted up, his slim body flying up in the sky and getting caught by another cheerleader as they formed their pyramid that they been practicing on days end. They've been able to manage it without anyone falling or getting hurt but just one wrong move, one muscle cramp or a gust of wind and it couldn't went tumbling down. Jimin was huffing as he observed the rest of his squad successfully keeping their form.

Jungkook felt his heart race seeing Jimin in the air, feet above the ground, he's watched them several times but the fear of something horrible happening always was present. "Damn, those jumps are scary, and they say football is deadly! Like holy hell, anyone out there can break their necks and die." Namjoon exclaimed nervously, not noticing the dangerous glares he was getting from Jungkook and Taehyung.

"Joon, seriously that is the last fucking thing I wanna hear while my boyfriend, a cheerleader is being tossed in the air like a fucking doll." Jungkook grumbled to Namjoon who was apologizing because he hadn't realized how horrible it all sounded when he spoke it out loud. The football players watched anxiously as Jimin was leaping into the air again, his legs were over another's shoulders, they were gripping his ankles firmly as their captain stood at the very top.

Jimin's smile was bright though, with one on his hip and one in the air he shouted one last time. "GO LEOPARDS! WIN NO MATTER WHAT!" The cheerleaders slowly started to falling into the baskets the others teammates formed, all of them sighing out happily when they were caught perfectly. Jimin's feet were on the ground again, his heart was thumping loud in his chest as he rushed off the field, crossing paths with Jungkook who grabbed him and kissed him passionately.

"You did, you looked so good. I mean you look hot all the time, but the performance was just, wow, perfection." Jungkook stumbled over his words, speechless every time he would see Jimin in his uniform and dancing so seductively. Jimin giggled and brushed Jungkook's flushed cheeks with his fingers before kissing him again. "Thank you, now hurry up and take the win for our school Jungkookie." Jimin expressed before walking away.

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