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Shattered heart(jikook)  by livmills757
Shattered heart(jikook) by livmills757
A story of jikooks love journey throughout the years of being in bts. Jungkook a man confused about his strange feelings towards his hyung and Jimin trying to figure ou...
Too Clingy  by chubbyproblem
Too Clingy by racing angel
Jimin was in love with the maknae since for ever....so he put up with everything Jungkook throw his way..Jungkook never really hated jimin but he was too clingy and alwa...
*。✧𝑴𝒚 𝑩𝒓𝒐𝒕𝒉𝒆𝒓'𝒔 𝑩𝒆𝒔𝒕 𝑭𝒓𝒊𝒆𝒏𝒅 | 𝑱𝒊𝒌𝒐𝒐𝒌✧。* by ohsosecret
*。✧𝑴𝒚 𝑩𝒓𝒐𝒕𝒉𝒆𝒓'𝒔 𝑩𝒆𝒔𝒕...by oh so secret
"Yes, daddy~" "Jimin, stop." ★ Where Jimin thinks his brother's best friend is hot. Really fucking hot. Like, daddy hot...
Just A Feeling ~ [jikook] ✓ by DisorderOfSound
Just A Feeling ~ [jikook] ✓by DisorderOfSound
Short description: In which Jungkook is looking for an angel, and Jimin tries to not break down over the love he has for his best friend. The long version: Every girl in...
The Truest Of Love (Jikook) by beawinnerbeajikooker
The Truest Of Love (Jikook)by yes
"HAPPY ANNIVERSARY BABE!" A gigantic bouquet of red roses is shoved into Jimin's face. "Uhm, Taehyung is still getting dressed.." Jungkook abruptly...
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Hidden Scars | Jikook by MochiXSeagul
Hidden Scars | Jikookby Seokseok
Jimin was bullied and new the high school in Seoul where he runs into the school fuck boy, Jeon Jungkook. But is this fuck boy hiding a big secret? ~~~~ The first 5 chap...
If I Ever See You Again by meanie_minnie
If I Ever See You Againby meanie_minnie
Some say that nothing worth having comes easy. Jeon Jungkook is an Alpha born to traditional, wealthy family. His view on Omegas is not the best, but he hasn't yet found...
Last Humans On Earth [Jikook] by boopable_army
Last Humans On Earth [Jikook]by boopable_army
Apocalyptic conditions ensue in Busan and the rest of the world, and 2 people seem to have somehow survived. Jimin, the bisexual doctor. And Jungkook, the "homopho...
BITTERSWEET LOVE || JIKOOK [Completed] by dearestjikook
BITTERSWEET LOVE || JIKOOK [Comple...by hannah imnida💛
" I fucking hate you😒." JM "Sure you do, love.😘" JK ______________________________ A story in which the infamous handsome Jeon Jungkook fell inlove...
NOT SO GOOD BOY by nurhya
NOT SO GOOD BOYby nurhya
In which Jeon Jungkook, captain of the Multi Combat Sports Club, realises Park Jimin, the school's nerd, isn't actually the weak push over everyone else thinks he is. *u...
Fan Account • Jikook ✔️ by My_Mochi_Jiminie
Fan Account • Jikook ✔️by 𝕁𝕒𝕫𝕫𝕚 ⁷
Where the Maknae of BTS has a secret infatuation with one of his hyungs. He has to let out his feelings somehow right? (BTS is still a Kpop band but Jungkook has a crus...
DOMINANCE : [DISCONTINUED] by chimaesthetic
❝ I'll make you feel so much pleasure all you'll ever think about is my name.❞ In which jeon jungkook likes being dominated.
Falling For You Again, Jeon Jungkook [Jikook] by ChimchimzKookie97
Falling For You Again, Jeon Jungko...by ChimchimzKookie97
In which Park Jimin is strongly attracted to a certain guy named, Jeon Jungkook. #4 in Jikook 04/24/21, #2 in Jikook 04/25/21 Date Started: August 12, 2018 Date Ended:...
omegle ; jikook by FLIRTYMINS
omegle ; jikookby 𝓴.𝓶
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi! - jikook au where a bored, college student park jimin decides to go on omegle and meets an incredibly attractive ce...
Replacement [Jikook ff] ☑️ by mybiasisjimin
Replacement [Jikook ff] ☑️by mybiasisjimin
'Come tonight at ten.' 'Okay.' With that curt reply, I went back to the comic app, only to stare at the screen without actually reading the conversation bubbles. Letting...
Good boy (jikook) by alexizabe
Good boy (jikook)by alexizabe
•Social media- visual novel- NSFW pictures/scenes Slutty and mean park Jimin is saved by nerdy introverted popular gamer Jungkook after almost drunkenly getting hit by a...
My rich handsome crush Jikook FF by Rip_Jibooty
My rich handsome crush Jikook FFby Author
⚠️JIKOOK STORY READ IF YOU ONLY LIKE JIKOOK IF NOT PLEASE STOP READING⚠️ -This is my first story - -English is my first language but I speak more than one language so pl...
Mafia Boss... 🖤 by chimcooky_13
Mafia Boss... 🖤by A♡
Top Jungkook Bottom Jimin Plot... Jungkook a cold hearted Mafia boss but only sweet to a person that he saw on the alley a few days later his feelings start to develop a...
love alarm | jikook by manggaetteok_
love alarm | jikookby TING°
Love Alarm is a dating app that sounds off when someone within a 10-meter radius has the hots for you. •🥇#1 - Jikook(11-03-2020) •Credit to the Kdrama 'Love Alarm'. ©...
Please, Forgive Me (Jikook/kookmin) Completed by chimchimmykookie
Please, Forgive Me (Jikook/kookmin...by I'mLyka
Park Jimin single parent that struggles to balance life for study, work, and raising his cute son. Jeon Jungkook handsome and good-looking man moving to Seoul to forget...