chapter 56

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Jungkook was sitting over his own bed when Jimin stepped out of the shower, he wanted to wash away every trace of his encounter with Hyunwoo and Jungkook couldn't agree more. With baggy sweat pants around his slim waist, his blonde hair damp and his torso naked the cheerleader strutted towards the taller. "Thank you for letting me borrow these, they're a lot more comfy than mine." Jimin said tracing lines along Jungkook's chin.

"As much as I really like you dressed in your pretty outfits, I love it when you're wearing mine so much more." Jungkook whispered, stretching his neck out to peck Jimin's plump lips. The cheerleader didn't want to be alone tonight, he was shaken up by what happened at the motel but when he was with Jungkook he could always forget just why he was distraught in the first place. The football player had his calming aura and Jimin adored it greatly.

Jungkook parted to scoot back into the bed, moving the covers and getting under them and patting the empty side next to him, inviting Jimin to accompany him. The cheerleader wasted no time in jumping in, crawling along the mattress on his hands and knees, but instead of laying down he hovered his boyfriend. Jungkook shifted slightly, allowing Jimin to straddle him, quietly watching the pretty male place his legs on opposite sides of his waist.

Naturally Jungkook's hands began running up Jimin's thighs, sliding his broad palms along the cotton fabric covering his thighs before moving to touch his bare skin. Jimin didn't flinch at the tickling sensation, he didn't pull away or become frightened because Jungkook was the only person that could touch him like this. Jungkook's fingertips glided over Jimin's back, caressing every inch of his skin and ghosting his hardened nipples briefly getting his lover to sigh in satisfaction.

"I'm proud of you Jimin. You did really amazing today but I always knew that you were tough. From the moment I first saw you tossing other cheerleaders into the air, there was no doubt that you're fierce and capable of handling yourself. It was the reason I started crushing hard on you because you never appeared afraid of anything but you had been over this mess and I wanted to protect you from it." Jungkook expressed gazing up at Jimin's eyes.

"But you're no damsel in distress or some princess trapped in a tower waiting for a prince to come rescue you because even if you were terrified you took control of the situation and showed that fucker that you weren't down without a fight. I admired everything about you before Jimin but now, after today and seeing how strong you are, I think that I've fallen in love with you." Jungkook confessed, nervously gulping and gripping Jimin's waist tightly as silence lingered.

Jimin's heart palpitated rapidly, he was sure that it cartwheeled out of his chest because he's never experienced any feeling like this, Jungkook is the sweetest guy to enter his life and he didn't ever expect to find him this early in life. Jimin's had other males use the love word to him before of course, but most of the time they were talking about his curves and his ass, not who he was deep down inside and this declaration brought tears to his eyes.

"You love me?" Jimin questioned in the softest whisper and when Jungkook nodded his breath was caught in his throat. "I love you and I hope this doesn't make you uncomfortable. I don't expect you to say it back or feel the same way just yet Jimin or ever really, I just wanted you to know what my true intentions with you are." Jungkook exclaimed, wiping the tumbling tears from Jimin's cheeks and letting the salty liquid absorb into his skin.

Jimin placed his palms flat over Jungkook's chest, he lowered himself and placed his lips against his boyfriend's mouth. "I love you too and I'm not saying out of obligation, I really do love you back Jungkookie." Jimin proclaimed, his breath tickling the slender lips that quivered from the warmth and the tone of his voice. Jungkook could feel his heart thumping uncontrollably, struggling to find the normal beating rhythm again when Jimin kissed him.

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