chapter 23

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A rough bump in the road made Taehyung waken from his short slumber, his groggy eyes shot wide open from the unexpected startle and he groaned out in frustration realizing that the charter bus he was in still hadn't reached it's destination. "This fucking sucks, how much longer? My legs are falling asleep, my neck hurts and I was in the middle of a wonderful dream involving a naked Yoongi and some sweet sticky honey." Taehyung grumbled.

The taller football player was met with silence though, he lifted his head to glance over to find Jungkook awake, smiling like a love stricken fool as he gazed at his phone and typed away. "Wow, fine ignore me Jeon. What? Did Jimin send you some nudes? Lemme see." Taehyung snickered shifting in his seat, fixing his posture to lean into Jungkook's personal space.

"No shut the fuck up." Jungkook snapped locking his phone quickly and stashing it away into his pocket. "Jimin texted me that he misses me and he sent a photo of his cute little pout and those adorable puppy eyes." Jungkook stated his smile falling into a frown as he realized that he wouldn't be seeing the pretty cheerleader in person again till Monday morning.

The football team had left four hours ago and Jungkook's memory was still fresh with the images of Jimin and their sweet little encounter before he got onto the bus. The pretty cheerleader was clinging to him a little longer than usual, his eyes vulnerable and sullen, hinting how much the taller meant to him and how difficult this short weekend without him was going to be.

"Kick ass over there, but most importantly don't get hurt because I want to see you back in one whole piece." Jimin's words rattled across Jungkook's mind and he found it extremely sweet how the smaller male was so caring, and supportive. "We're just doing a few practice matches, it's not world war 3." Jungkook chuckled to himself, biting his lower lip recalling Jimin's passionate kisses.

Taehyung sucked in his teeth and leaned back against his own seat, he propped his head up with one arm and stared out the window, not focusing on anything in particular, pensive thoughts flooding his brain instead. "You two are so cute, must be real nice to have someone all to yourself." Taehyung mentioned closing his eyes with the attempt to fall asleep again.

"Yoongi still rejecting you?" Jungkook mentioned getting his best friends attention again. Taehyung chuckled bitterly, he reopened his eyes and studied the clouds above him, the fluffy white sight was precious but it couldn't even compare to the one male that he had been longing for a while now. Yoongi and his standoffish attitude was consuming Taehyung's thoughts daily.

"Yes he is, but the funny thing is that right before he turns me down he lets me kiss him for nearly five minutes. His lovely hands grip at my shirt, he kisses me with so much fucking urgency and just when I feel like he's going to give in and tells me he wants to take him then and there he pushes me off, runs away and ignores me the rest of the week. Its become a ritual of ours now." Taehyung exclaimed.

"That's, I don't even know if I should laugh or feel bad for you." Jungkook confessed finding it very confusing the situation his best friend was in. It was refreshing to see Taehyung so amused with someone who clearly was trying not to get with him but it was also worrisome that Taehyung was acting out of character. He wasn't used to heart break and the way things were going Jungkook naturally assumed that would happen any moment.

Taehyung laughed out, he turned to face Jungkook and shrugged, "It's fine really, I know it sounds pathetic on my part but I have faith that things are gonna change when I get back. You watch, this weekend away from me is gonna have Yoongi missing me so much that he'll be the one begging to go on a damn date with me instead." Taehyung snickered deviously.

Jungkook frowned, his shook his head and leaned back against the head rest to mentally prepare himself for the practice game he was going to have to endure but only after minutes of the quiet Taehyung restarted the conversation. "It's so difficult waiting, I feel like I'm living in the stone age, proper courting is rough man." Taehyung grumbled checking his phone to see zero notifications from Yoongi.

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