chapter 20

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Jungkook woke up to fluffy blonde hair tickling his nose, the delightful scent of peaches and cream on a summer day made a smile spread across his face. Resting peacefully across matress Jungkook refused to give the headache forming any attention because burying his nose deeper into Jimin's heavenly smelling hair was far more superior at the moment. 

Jimin was sleeping against Jungkook, his soft face was resting on the taller males chest and even through clothing Jungkook could feel his warm breath, the cute gentle snores fading in and out. Jungkook shifted a little trying his best to not wake Jimin up while he kept his eyes sealed shut,  his hand began to roam until he felt them resting along Jimin's slim waist, identifying the perfect curves he had.

Jungkook's gripped at Jimin's body, carefully pulling him closer and embracing the domestic moment between them and loving the fact that he could tell that Jimin was wearing thin silky fabric nightwear under the comfortable covers. Jungkook could only image how beautiful it shaped his body and little naughty thoughts of him modeling them and taking them off crossed his mind until Jimin moved. 

"Hi." Jimin uttered with a sleepy voice, his swollen eyes were set on Jungkook who he thought was either hot from sleeping so close to someone or blushing from being caught daydreaming something inappropriate. "Oh damn it, I was supposed to wake up earlier to get you some coffee." Jimin grumbled flashing his mesmerizing smile at Jungkook who was taken back by the glorious grin that put the sun light to fucking shame. 

"That's okay, this way we can both go out and have some together." Jungkook mumbled, praying with his mind, body and soul that Jimin couldn't feel his racing heart because no matter how much time he spent with the pretty cheerleader being nervous under his gaze was just something he could never get used to. "Are you feeling okay?" Jimin questioned. 

Jungkook nodded, he shifted in the bed and removed his sweaty hands from Jimin's waist and gave the smaller an apologetic expression. "Yeah. Jimin, I'm so sorry about last night, that's not how sober me would've wanted things to go and you must be disappointed with me now." Jungkook remarked, hoping that he didn't ruin his chances with Jimin but he was too blind to see how much Jimin adored him and all his sweet qualities. 

"No please don't apologize. I mean sure we didn't move on to the last base but it was nice regardless. I liked it either way, you kissed me so passionately and you were very gentle despite being drunk. It was a nice experience, well before your giant body nearly caused me to asphyxiate." Jimin chuckled, cooing when Jungkook's cheeks burned bright red.

Jungkook wanted to melt into the bed and become the blanket as Jimin giggled over the details of last night. "That's so embarrassing please don't even mention it again." The taller requested shifting his head to hide his face into the pillow that smelled like him and Jimin mixed together. Jungkook felt two dainty hands touch his face, making him remove his dark vision to see the beautiful cheerleader again, and that precious fond smile that he reserved only for him. 

"I gonna forever mention that moment, because it was a near death experience. I'm a survivor Jungkook and people need to hear my story." Jimin giggled pinching Jungkook's cheeks, blinding smile becoming even bigger when Jungkook stopped worrying about being embarrassed and began to laugh also. "I'm kidding, what we do in my bed will never leave my lips." Jimin mentioned serious this time. 

Jungkook flashed his sweet bunny grin, the one where his nose scrunches up and the crease along the top comes out to steal peoples hearts and Jimin could feel his heart beat frantically, erratically because Jungkook was the most handsome person in the entire world and he was there lying with him in his bed and no one else. 

Jimin gripped at Jungkook's shirt with his tiny hands and Jungkook wrapped his muscular arms tightly around Jimin's small wasit bringing him closer to his body. No words needed to be exchanged because being in each others presence told the all the wonderful compliments that both Jungkook and Jimin thought about the other male. Jungkook leaned down and planted a kiss along the cheerleaders forehead and Jimin's heart fluttered, did cartwheels and round offs at the simple gesture. 

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