chapter 16

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Jimin and Jungkook had finally reached the cheerleaders dorm, they took a little decoy and strolled hand in hand around the campus with the night sky and the giant bright white moon glistening above him. Jimin was all smiles and giggles when Jungkook sneakily pressed him up against a tree and kissed him, each time they lips met it felt like fireworks exploding all around them.

"It's not to late to bail and go back to your dorm, I rather kiss you and fall asleep in your arms than hang around whatever weird games Hobi and Tae wanna play." Jimin confessed smiling up at Jungkook while his hand lingered on the door knob. Jungkook was all for it, being alone with Jimin even if they were doing nothing was always a better plan then hanging out with his friend.

Before Jungkook could even agree to Jimin's fantastic request the voice of a familiar male caught his attention making him glance down the hall. Lifting his head up and peaking past Jimin's soft blonde hair Jungkook saw Namjoon walking toward him with Seokjin right beside him. "HEY KOOK! WASSUP!" Namjoon shouted waving with both hands in the air.

"Tae invited you?" Jungkook questioned puzzled as to why their captain was in this dorm building when he resided in another one. Namjoon patted Jungkook on the back and smiled down at Jimin who was dumbfounded and waiting for an answer. "Yeah he said it was gonna be dope and that he was gonna buy drinks with some money his parents sent him."

Jimin sighed and rolled his eyes imagining the look on Taehyung's face as he ran through the liquor store and drooled everything like it was candy. He placed his attention back to Seokjin, even more bewildered as to why he was there, most of the rich frat boys never dared enter a poor person dorm. "Jin why are you here?" Jimin questioned.

Seokjin spread a bright grin across his face he flashed his perfect teeth over at Namjoon and Jimin noticed the blush along his cheeks. "Well, I was with Joonie when Taehyung called and I have nothing better to do so here I am." Seokjin claimed glancing back down at Jimin who was over their conversation and opening his dorm now.

A loud and cheerful squeal came from Hoseok when Jimin entered in. "HI WELCOME! Hoseok shouted with a dramatic pep, practically doing splits in the air when he saw that the guest he invited were flooding in one by one. "Hey Hobi, please tell you no one else is coming because we can't fit the entire campus in here."

Hoseok shook his head and his lovely laugh filled the empty space in the room. "Calm down Jimin, it's gonna be just us and Tae whenever he comes with the alcohol." Hoseok claimed before pulling Jimin towards their bathroom to be far from wandering hearing and eyes. "So did Jungkook put his dick in you?" Hoseok questioned making Jimin choke on his spit.

"Anyways! What are we gonna play?" Jimin questioned back moving away from Hoseok to stand closer to Jungkook, hoping that his friend would drop the subject and move onto something else. Hoseok chuckled seeing Jimin faintly hide the redness creeping up along his face in Jungkook's shirt, it was cute because it made Jungkook grin like a dork.

"I was thinking we could play truth or drink! What better way to make everlasting friendships than to know their deepest and darkest secrets!" Hoseok sang clasping his hands together before moving towards his closet to rummage through it for something. He ignored Jimin's groans and complaints as he pulled out a few spare pillows for everyone to sit on.

Hoseok soon began gathering everyone, hushing Jimin left and right who questioning the game decision and directing them to find a place on the floor. "This is what the less fortunate do for fun? Sit on the floor and talk?" Seokjin asked Namjoon. He wanted it to come out as a whisper not realizing that his voice carried throughout the small room making everyone stare in his direction.

Seokjin gave everyone an apologetic smile before redirecting his eyes to anywhere else in the room, Namjoon chuckled and picked a pastel blue colored pillow from the varies selection, he placed it somewhere on the floor and waited for Seokjin who had a mini argument with Jimin about picking the pink one. "Fine, whatever I'll take yellow!" Jimin ultimately barked.

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