chapter 53

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Jungkook was fuming and his friends surrounding him could practically see the steam seeping out of his ears while he sat quietly. The football player was biting his own tongue harshly and digging his nails deeply into his balled up fist because Jungkook was boiling with rage listening to Hyunwoo speak to Jimin like he was some prostitute he found on a random corner, and he hated the way his eyes were lusting over his boyfriend's pretty figure disgustingly and daring to continue throwing ultimatums at him.

Jimin's fingers were trembling, he had hesitated briefly to comply with Hyunwoo's demand to get undressed but without wanting to make himself seem suspicious he was gripping the hem of his crop top. There was dead silence all around Jimin, the only thing he could hear was the air conditioner running in the distance, past the thumping sound in his ears. He let his eyes shut and lifted his shirt over his head and made his blonde hair become disheveled when he exposed himself.

A series of whistles could be heard leaving Hyunwoo's mouth over the view of Jimin standing shirtless just inches away from him, showing off the matte black colored barbells that went through his nipples that became hard from the lack of warmth his clothing provided him. Hyunwoo lifted his hand and ran the tip of his fingers along Jimin's skin, starting from his navel and trailing them up to tug on the nipples roughly.

Jungkook immediately jumped off the chair he was sitting over with the intent to march out the doors, he wanted to slam his fist into Hyunwoo's face, to beat him until he had to eat, drink and breathe through a tube because he was refusing to let someone else touch Jimin like this. Jungkook's mind filled with anger but before being able to complete his irrational plan Hoseok blocked his path, with his arms crossed over his chest he stood firmly at the doors shaking his head.

"Calm down Jeon. We're almost there, just sit still for a few more moments." Hoseok expressed quietly, not wanting to make it obvious that they were next door and Jungkook paused, huffing angrily and muttering insults at Hyunwoo as he moved to sit next to Taehyung on the bed. The taller football player rested his hand over his best friend's shoulder and rubbed it, giving him a hopeful smile and resuming watching Jimin act.

Jimin squirmed away from Hyunwoo's touch, swatting his hands and placing a smile after to sell his cover. "One piece of clothing for every question, it isn't really fair because I'm not wearing much." Jimin pouted at Hyunwoo who simply laid back, propping himself up with his elbows and taking in the vision of the pretty cheerleader. "Be thankful I'm even letting you fucking talk, because we didn't come here for that baby." Hyunwoo scoffed.

"Do you have my picture with you right now? You know, the one you stole from my dorm?" Jimin questioned. Hyunwoo nodded his head and licked at his lips, "Yeah, I got it in the pocket of my jeans, but you won't be getting your explicit photo back anytime soon. Well, not until after I dump all my cum inside that fine ass of yours." Hyunwoo snickered, shifting his focus to Jimin's plump bottom, itching to grope it and abuse it.

"So what you're saying is that I wont get back what's rightfully mine until I let you fuck me senseless? First you wanna use my body for your own needs, you wanna make me moan your name at the top of lungs before returning my own belongings. Does illegal extortion make that cock of yours hard Hyunwoo?" Jimin asked twirling his blonde hair between his dainty finger that was filled with pretty rings.

Hyunwoo's leg twitched, he sat up along the bed and smirked up at the cheerleader who was insisting on asking multiple questions, the older was getting a little annoyed that Jimin was using his pretty mouth for speaking when he could've had something big stuffed inside of it instead. "Come on Jimin, you know how this goes. Take something else off because I'm getting impatient, this isn't the foreplay I wanted." Hyunwoo mentioned.

Jimin internally screamed, letting his eyes flutter shut and he slowly slipped out of his skirt, it collected into a pool of fabric around his ankles to have him standing in the room with nothing but his white shoes on and a pink lace panty. A wave of heat washed over Hyunwoo and without paying attention to Jimin's statement from earlier he stood up, diminishing the safe space between his and Jimin's body when he pressed himself against him.

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