Smut Journal | jungkook | jjk fanfic by pacifytaee
Smut Journal | jungkook | jjk pacifytaee
In which Jungkook finds his classmates Smut Journal. jungkook X reader Highest ranking: #1 btsfanfic #2 jungkook #4 army #3 jjk #4 jeonjungkook #2 kookie
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bts pregnancy scenarios (+ editing) by takemetotheskaii
bts pregnancy scenarios (+ editing)by NämäsTäe (・ิω・ิ)
here's a list of btsXreader pregnancy scenarios for y'all. Hope you guys appreciate them ❤ Warning- Some of the scenarios may contain explicit content *DO NOT PLAGIARIZ...
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New 새로운 // BTS by Yoongurrt
New 새로운 // BTSby Yoongurt
What if BTS had an 8th member?... and what if that member was a girl? All she ever wanted was to reach out and touch another human being, not just with her hands but wit...
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BTS Imagines by bts_army_111
BTS Imaginesby bts_army_111
REQUESTS OPEN Send em in....... #206 in BTS out of 73k stories
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The Seven by galaxyTzuyuYoda
The Sevenby NamRyan
When a young 17 year old girl and her friend went to an empty mansion that is reported as 'haunted' she never knew that her life would changed when she accidentally woke...
  • jungkook
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Virgin killer by CupNBangtan
Virgin killerby CupNBangtan
Sweet and innocent Y/n just happened to move with kinky little Jimin. Two different people with two different histories. One has probably banged more than 30 women and o...
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The Makeup Artist | j.jk by Ichiranramen
The Makeup Artist | j.jkby Everly
"Noona, will you touch my lips?" BTS Jungkook x Reader What do you think would happen if you were the makeup artist of your favorite idol? ❤️❤️
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Baller| ✔️ by -outaespace
Baller| ✔️by Maddie
"Dude we get it, you're a complete daddy-" "Excuse me?" - Kim Lyn dispises Min Yoongi, one of her brother, Taehyung's, best friends. They never reall...
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ASMR Artist | VKOOK by peachyu_
ASMR Artist | VKOOKby 악마
"Upload more of your bxb bottom video please" Where Taehyung is an ASMR artist and Jungkook jerks off to it every night [ What if, one day Taehyung moves in to...
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Yes Sir (Namjoon Fanfic/Smut) ✔ by 0o_pervy_noona_o0
Yes Sir (Namjoon Fanfic/Smut) ✔by 0o_pervy_noona_o0
My parents were my world. They worked so hard to raise me, giving me everything I could ever ask for. So when my father became critically ill, my world was thrown upsid...
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HIS: Kitten (Yoongi) | {Book 1} ✔️ by Hahakim
HIS: Kitten (Yoongi) | {Book 1} ✔️by HAHAHAHAHAHAKIM
[HIS: Kitten] Book 1 of HIS SERIES "My one and only kitten." -COMPLETED 2/4/2018 Copyright © DECEMBER 2017 by HAHA KIM
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BAD BOY'S BABY | KOOKV  by Justanamenobodyhas
"Daddy." Jeongguk spit out his water all over the table, coughing as he tried to regain his breath. "Excuse me?" He asked as he looked at an innoce...
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bts smut  by btsismysweetener
bts smut by 감미료
house of cards enthusiast! ddang enthusiast! - #1 smutmaybe #1 btsrapmonster #3 kimseokjin #17 smut imagines #223 smutish #837 btsscenerios #2 btsboys #6 btssmut #5 se...
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Teach me Mr. Perfect // BTS Jimin (18+) by Akane_Miyako
Teach me Mr. Perfect // BTS Akane Miyako
"I could teach you some messy games." Just little kids. No one of them could handel me as a girlfriend. I have special wishes and none of them could give them...
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Blood Ink by pocketbangtan
Blood Inkby Y|O|O|N|I|V|E|R|S|E
"That's my tattoo, Y/N, on your body. You know exactly what that means." BTS Jungkook x Reader tattoo artist AU gang AU Thanks and credits to all of the origi...
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Wrong number my dude [Vkook Txting ff] by drinktaewithkookies
Wrong number my dude [Vkook drinktaewithkookies
J:.... i think i just came T: tf....
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Thighs | Vkook by umansare
Thighs | Vkookby 🍼Bea🍭
Bunnies eat carrots. Tigers eat meat. So, what's better than Jungkook's thighs for Taehyung? Tiger hybrid Taehyung ⬆ Bunny hybrid Jungkook ⬇ "Taehyung didn't know...
  • toptae
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Dirty Stepbrother ; ✓ by -KinkyTaee
Dirty Stepbrother ; ✓by —
❝You might be my stepsister, but you sure are hot.❞ - Cover made by ®CREAMGGUK
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School Slut [✔] Jimin X Reader by Pixi-potato
School Slut [✔] Jimin X Readerby ARMY
"It's so painful to know that someone like you is still a virgin." he said licking his lips. "But don't worry, I'll end this pain tonight." he said a...
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