chapter 50

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~ Friday Night ~

The entire cheerleading team was rowdy, they were jumping for joy, chanting with happiness as they left the gymnasiums where they had spent the last four hours demonstrating their hard work, showing off their flawless routine and wowing the judges with their flexibility. The first round of the qualifications was finally over and Jimin was feeling very relieved, ecstatic actually because he and his team were officially advancing into the tough competition.

Hoseok had his arms thrown around Jimin, hugging his petite figure, squeezing his shoulders and telling him what a great cheer captain he's been so far. The two were making their way onto the charter bus that would be taking them back to their campus, Jimin was all smiles and laughter, stumbling up the stairs and clinging to Hoseok because if he were to fall and break his neck he'd definitely drag the culprit down with him.

"Hobi, how do you have so much energy left?" Jimin chuckled, he was beyond exhausted, tired from the numerous flips, tumbles and stunts that all he wanted to do was lay down in Jungkook's arms. "The night is too damn young to be feeling sluggish now, we should be celebrating, screaming to the world how amazing we all are!" Hoseok expressed getting all the other cheerleaders to agree and become noisy with how overwhelmed they were.

When Taemin entered the bus after all the cheerleaders did he was soon hushing everyone, not because he was a total party pooper and didn't like celebrating but because he needed for them to settle down. "There will be plenty of time to party but right now I need everyone's bottom in a seat." Taemin commanded sternly, then once all the overjoyed cheer team was obeying he and Kai started counting heads, ensuring that everyone was on the bus before getting the driver to take them back to their campus.

Jimin was sitting near the window, staring at the sidewalks while Yoongi sat beside him watching him be the only silent person when most of the time he was the loudest. The bus started to move and Yoongi placed his hand over Jimin's getting his attention. "I was nervous all week about today, mostly because you have been really distant from me lately, zoning out during practices but you did amazing Jimin. You nailed every stunt absolutely perfectly." Yoongi told his best friend.

A radiant smile spread across Jimin's face, small tears welling up in his pretty brown eyes when he shifted his vision to stare back at his best friend who's face showed so much worry. Jimin threw his arms around Yoongi's neck, bringing him in for an embrace, and releasing breathless cries and sniffles against him. "Why are you crying Jimin? You shined beautifully today, just like you do all the time." Yoongi expressed holding the other cheerleader tightly.

Jimin didn't respond, he simply continued clinging to Yoongi who accepted it and let time pass them by because its been forever since they've had moments like this and he was starting to feel guilty, like he was a horrible best friend. Yoongi had been working on his relationship with Taehyung the entire week, enjoying the attention, loving how persistent the football player was but now he felt shame that he had neglected to follow up with Jimin.

Jimin parted to gaze at Yoongi, a pout along his lips before they parted to speak. "I had some stuff going on and I didn't tell you because I didn't want it to affect our flow. We can talk about it another day though, I'm just wanna be happy right now Yoonie. We all did amazing and Hobi is right, we should be celebrating this first victory." Jimin expressed cheerfully resting his head along Yoongi's shoulder.

"The basket toss were flawless and our tumbles were beautiful. Everything went well, all is gonna be okay, I know it, there's no reason to worry anymore." Jimin exclaimed in the smallest whisper that only Yoongi could hear. It sounded more like Jimin was talking about something else but Yoongi didn't get a chance to question it because when he shifted his vision he noticed that Jimin had his eyes closed.

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