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(Sky Pov)

Blood trickled down my skin as I began to panic. My arms were numb and my legs weren't even on the ground so I could barely feel them. Struggling I attempted to try and wiggle free but the excruciating pain took over. I couldn't even lift my head up but I could see Lou with his head hung low strapped to a chair with tears spilling from his eyes. Whoever was torturing us like this had left the room for now but I could tell that they weren't finished with us yet.

'Lou' I croaked barely making a sound. My throat was dry and burning with agony.

'Sky' Lou sobbed as he carefully faced up towards me as I could now see the dried blood from his wounds covering his face. 'Sky I-I-I'm s-So S-sorry...t-this is all...my f-f-fault...'

'Please. Don't cry. Not. your. Fault. Don't. Ever. Say it. Is.' I managed to say but he just slowly shook his head as he continued to blame himself. I felt so weak right now when all I wanted to do is go over and give him a hug but I could barely keep my eyes open.

'I-I'm g-gonna g-get us out of h-here....I-don't k-know how but I w-will...I l-love y-you Skybear.'

'I. Love. You. Boo-Bear.' We both cried as we prayed for a way out. For someone to help us. Then the two guys from earlier returned, smirking when they realised I was awake.

'So nice of you to join us...Sky is it? It seems your brother here couldn't keep his mouth shout and can't do what he is told...ey?' His face brought so much disgust to me, I just wanted to punch him there and then. Wipe his sick smirk right off of his face. If only I could. I can't believe Lou had to deal with these things just to protect me. Now I know.

'You know i'm really going to enjoy this...see what your fans think of you now.'

I squeezed my eyes shut as I waited for the next blow...

(Kate Pov)

'Why don't we hack into their GPS in their phones and find out where they are?' I suggested as everyone game me a 'Why didn't we think of that' look.

'Rianna your good with computers right?' Megane asked.

'Yeah...I could easily hack into their phones.' She replied and headed towards a laptop bringing up some code, software...thing.

'Great idea Kate...How did you think of it?' Niall beamed.

'Oh you know...Kate logic.' He nodded as we all crowded impatiently around Rianna, waiting for something to happen. Although i'm not exactly sure what.

'I hope their okay.' I heard Harry sigh.  We all went silent thinking about them and praying that nothing bad has happened. For some reason, I think we are all going to be disappointed.

'How long will this take.' Zayn moaned getting aggravated. Good thing he isn't a midget. Never aggravate a midget. Trust me.

'Nearly there and i'm doing the best that I can.' Rianna replied nonchalantly, even though I could see the shakiness in her tone. I think about another 10 minutes passed of us pacing before Rianna drew us back in.

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