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(Jess's POV)

Today was the day. The day our amazing plan takes place, although I have a feeling it is only a matter of time before Louis puts the pieces together and I have to stand there and explain myself. Maybe that will happen the day he explains himself. I had the easy part in clueless where as Megane and Kate had to come up with the whole idea, as to why are they are there and deal with Louis as well. Like Josh, they were not looking forward to seeing him again, after everything that happened. So I guess you could say, we are about to experience a soap drama type scene. I Wish.

We pulled up into the studio and went inside to be greeted with the usual hyper boys spraying stringy cheese at each other. Random. I wasn't gonna let them have fun without me. I picked up two cans and held them behind my back preparing for battle.

'GUYYYYYSSSS!' I shouted as they all stopped to a Holt, quicker than OAP shouting bingo. 'What do you think your doing. This is a studio, not a playground. So no mucking about...WITHOUT MEEEEE!' I pulled out my stringy cheese and ran around spraying them, as they caught on and joined in. I could here Zayn complaining about how it was in his hair and Niall threatening to straighten Harry's, if he didn't give him the cheese. I was in mid attacking Liam, going full on ninja mode, when I turned around and bumped into Kate and accidentally sprayed cheese on her. Megane just stood there and burst into fits of laughter.

Everyone stopped to face us, as Kate took the can out of my hand and sprayed it back it to mine and Megane's face. This was not how we planned this but then again I didn't exactly plan a stringy cheese fight either.

'Ummmm...Hi, sorry we were just...just...I'm Jess. Nice to meet you.' What can I say I panicked. I held out my hand and Kate shook it. This feels weird.

'It's okay. It looks like you were having fun. I'm Kate and this is...' She was interrupted by Louis, who swas looking at them, as if he had seen a ghost.




(Louis' POV)

'Megane' I could recognise them from anywhere. I mean how couldn't I, they used to be my friends. I havn't seen them since Sky disappeared but then again I havn't spoken to them for years.

'Louis' She shot back. They were angry and i'm not surprised. I felt a lump grow in my throat as I tried to hold back the tears. We used to be so close and I ruined that. 

'What are you guys doing here?'

'What's it to you and oh by the way, only my friends call me Megane' The way she emphasised the word friends, hurt like a knife to the back but I deserve it.

'Go easy on him Megane. I think he is suffering enough as it is.' Kate replied, giving me a small smile but Megan refused to budge. By now the boys were looking at us weirdly and Jess looked confused or scared, i'm not entirely sure. My mind wandered off. Ever since I met Jess, I have felt some gleam of hope. In a way, she reminds me of Sky, even though she looks nothing like her, yet they are so much alike. I suppose it makes me feel like she is here but she's not. I'm confusing you now. I snapped back into reality as Kate continued.

'We are here on business. Megane is helping one of the people who work here with a case and I  am designing t-shirts for all of the employees and some of the celebrities.' I guess they got there dreams then.

'Your dreams came true then?' They both nodded as Megan calmed down slightly. 'I know you won't want to tell me but i'm desperate and lost...have you...have you heard from Sky at all?'

They both looked at each other for an answer. I was having high hopes, why would they want to tell me, after everything I did to her? They pondered for a minute, before turning back to me and Megan answered my question.

'No, we havn't but even if we did, we wouldn't tell you!' I nodded whilst lowering my head and turning to head out of the room with Harry following behind me. For some reason, I didn't believe them. I know they know where she is and I am going to get it out of them, if it is the last thing I do.


(Jess's Pov)

That was close. I think I was holding my breath the whole time. Zayn could see the shock on my face and came to comfort me. I really did love Zayn and all I can think of now, is that if he finds out the truth, he might not want to know me anymore. Louis didn't. I miss my Boobear and by the looks of it, I think he misses Sky to but I can't give up easily. He hurt me. I looked up at Zayn thinking about what would happen when he finds out. I just hope he won't hate me.


Throughout the day we continued with the plan and we 'got to know' Megane and Kate, even though I already know everything about them. Megane still wasn't in the mood for talking to Lou. Not that I expected anything more. Kate is a little more forgiving and can just about talk to him. I hope things get better cause right now, I feel like I am in one big lie. Just like Louis was.


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