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Mirrored Snow [novel] by makexbelieve
Mirrored Snow [novel]by Heather James
A gender-reversed retelling of Snow White told from the perspective of the girl trapped inside the queen's mirror. *** Wattpairs Showcase 2020 winner! *** Mirror has sp...
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Kendall by CarolineElizabeth
Kendallby Caroline Elizabeth
Kendall lost her entire family in horrible accidents. Living at her aunt and uncle's house, she has turned to cutting herself to deal with all her losses. She thinks she...
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Trust by Xxx_Xin_xxX
Trustby 。.:*☆ Tea ☆*:.。
The rewriting story isn't here, go and look for 'Keeping my promise' in my profile. There is where the rewriting book is. Will you love me? Will you protect me? Would...
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Dance With A Serpent by spockofvulcan
Dance With A Serpentby Lacy Napier
Severus and Hermione love story. Dancing, love, and a ominous mirror will decide these two polar opposites fate. Will they give to their hearts urges, or will they suffe...
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Lies by dera134
Liesby Chidera Eze
It's easier to judge from the other side of the glass.
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Secret twin 1D - Book 1 by 1dnarnianlou
Secret twin 1D - Book 1by Musketeer 1
Skylar Tomlinson is Louis' forgotten twin that he never spoken of after he auditioned for the x factor. Skylar is bullied And tormented and called a liar when all she d...
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Mirror Me by Jules_Haigler
Mirror Meby Jules_Haigler
[Mirror Me Series Book 1] After a frightening incident leaves her family shaken, Hope Martinez promises her mother to never look at a mirror again. Three years later...
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Patrick Hockstetter Imagines by Harley---Quinn
Patrick Hockstetter Imaginesby Heathen Harley
//my friends aren't far In the back of my car... Lay their bodies//
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The Hook-Up Diaries: Dare You to Fall (GirlxGirl) by CosmicTric
The Hook-Up Diaries: Dare You to F...by Dani
Whitney Parker has always been a "good girl." Or at least an average one. Sure she's a cheerleader and a member of her school's dance team but other than that...
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The Mirror Realm by AlexisJadeS22
The Mirror Realmby A. J. Sirhall
*COMPLETED* A terrifying rumor taunting the city of Lakewood Pierce has everyone afraid to look in the mirror. To stare at themselves and say a simple "hello"...
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Evil Reflection | BNHA VILLAIN AU by firejuuu
Evil Reflection | BNHA VILLAIN AUby • FIREJUUU •
*I don't own any of the characters from BNHA, Horikoshi's manga. Also, the art isn't mine unless I say it. This story also contains curse words and such (One word: Bakug...
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Voldemort's sister ; Amilia Merope Riddle and the mirror of dawn by multyfanfics
Voldemort's sister ; Amilia Merope...by multyfanfics
Tom Marovlo Riddle at just the age of seven, got mad at his older sister and accidentally petrified her, not knowing what it was he hid his petrified sister in his cupbo...
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eddsworld - Mirror Trouble- by Dogtown7
eddsworld - Mirror Trouble-by Dogtown7
Tom and Tamara switch places in the events of mirror mirror, and are now stuck in their oppisite universes with no way out!
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The Gifted Sisters And The Golden Mirror by rachelcrist11
The Gifted Sisters And The Golden...by @rachelcrist
Orphan Twins. One Sister lives in peace. The other is trained for war. Magic has been missing for centuries, but a prophecy foretells of its return. Livia and Vera hold...
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Mirror - Book of Poetry by meganthebagel
Mirror - Book of Poetryby Megan Alstadt
The writer describes moments from 2017-2020 with the use of exquisite words and harmonies These poems will make your mind wander and think about normalities in life from...
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Am I pretty yet? |Completed| by semicolonbutterfly
Am I pretty yet? |Completed|by Semicolonbutterfly
I look in the mirror and hate my reflection. Am I pretty yet? I don't eat for a day. Am I pretty yet? I cut my arms and starve myself. Am I pretty yet?
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The Other Side Of The Mirror ✔ by MattRAuthor
The Other Side Of The Mirror ✔by Matt
[LGBTQ+ FANTASY NOVELLA] Arumni, a land of peace and prosperity, of happiness and magic, where people of all kinds can live long, successful lives. A land where magic is...
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DEVIL IN THAT MIRROR| ✔ by -aestheticvmin
[ park jimin ] "Afterall, you cannot run from yourself."
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The Cracked Rose by Ronindzsuwito
The Cracked Roseby DZSuwito
Among the Rose family siblings, there was Nix Rose the middle sibling... The Rose family ridiculed him and abused him only because he was a Dragon Faunus What will happe...
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I AM YOU AND YOU ARE I ❖ BTS • K.SJ  by cute_seokjinnie
I AM YOU AND YOU ARE I ❖ BTS • K.S...by (*´˘`*) ᴄᴜᴛɪᴇ
❝I am you and you are I.❞ ❝I am sin and you are too.❞ ━ • ❖ Kim Seokjin is a lost man, framed wrongfully. His life spirals out of control. He has nothing left to fight f...
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