My name is Skylar Tomlinson. And In case you didn't know as most people don't I am Louis Tomlinson's twin sister. Most of you are now thinking Louis doesn't have a twin sister but that's because he never told anyone about me. So this is my story of how my brother disowned me and how I fell in love with none other than Zayn Malik...



'Boobear what are you doing'

'Building a castle for us to live in' Louis giggled as he looked up to face me.

We were so much alike. We both had bright blue eyes and soft brown hair that waved ever so slightly. We were inseparable and the trouble-makers of the town. The class clowns that would make a joke about anything. We always had the dream to grow up and be best friends forever even If we were twins. One time we were separated for just a few hours and we both cried for hours it felt like our partner in crime had just disappeared. When we were little we would sit in our pushchairs and wave and say hello to random people on the street. We were full of confidence and didn't care what anybody thought about us.

'Do you like it Skybear' Lou asked. We came up with the nicknames when we were about 4 and they automatically stuck but only we can call each other by them. If anyone else besides each other called us by our nicknames then we would pretend we didn't here them. We were both very stubborn.

'I love it Boobear, we can live there forever and no one can take us away' I ran over to him as he pulled to me into a bear hug. We had been at the beach all day as we loved being there and we would just spend hours in the sand.

'I love you Skybear promise we won't ever be separated and we will always be there for each other' He released me from the hug, looking at me with pleading eyes. No one could ever resist this look from Louis or me as we were just pros at the puppy dog face.

'I promise Boobear I love you two'
I smiled up at my older brother who had the same smile on his face.

'Pinkie promise.' He said as he held out his tiniest finger.

'Pinkie promise.' And with that our pinkies wrapped around each other in a tight embrace.

If only I knew then that promise would have been broken, then maybe things would have been different.



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