The girls and I, decided to have lets say a reunion and basically went out and partied all night. At first i was slightly worried. It's the first time I had drunk any alcohol since everything happened. I never wanted to go back to that dark place again.

We were back in the Studio now, Josh and I with sunglasses on and the worst hangover ever. We decided to go along with the plan to 'meet' Kate and Megane another day, when we are all sober so it doesn't look suspisous. The boys all came in and just laughed at the state we were in, when all i wanted to do right now is crawl into a ball and go to sleep. I don't even care if it is a bed or not because right now that floor looks very comfy.

We worked on some new songs today but didn't actually record anything, as the slightest bit of noise fried my brain. Liam asked Scarlett to go out on a date with him today as well. Her face lit up you should have seen it. They seem so perfect for each other. All i can think of is  I wish I could have that... with Zayn. Did I really just think that? I really must be falling for him. I hated him at first but now i just don't understand why? He's so kind and ....gorgeous. Amazing personality and great sense of humour. Although today Harry stole his mirror and he went a bit crazy but i just think it is kind of cute.

I was just packing up when Zayn came over to me, with something gleaming in his eyes. What was making him so happy.

'Hey Jess i was wondering know..... if you wanted to...maybe...possibly...gooutonadatewithme' He looked so nervous but i did not understand anything he just said.

'Wait Zayn slow down' He took a few breaths before speaking again.

'Jess, I was wandering if you would like to go on a date with me?' I raised my eyebrows at him, wondering why he was so nervous asking me.

'A date?'

'Yeah....look never mind you...' His face suddenly filled with disappointment.

'whooo listen... I'd love to go on a date with you' His head shot up and his smile reappeared. I seriously thought he would never ask.


'Yes!' I giggled at his excitment. He is just to cute.

'Great can i pick you up at like 8 maybe?'

'8 is amazing. So i guess I'll see you tonight?'

'Yes you will' I gave him my adress and he left but not before his soft lips pecked my checks which sent a shock of electricity up my body. My face filled with blood as i turned bright red. I can't wait until tonight.


I got ready in a record time of 20 minutes. It never usually takes long for me to get ready, unlike most people. Maybe it is because I don't bother with the make up and fake tan that most girls use. I didn't know where we were going, so I just put on a simple cream dress, cream pumps and my bangles to cover up the scars that still layed there.

I hate what I did to myself but it's in the past now, even if I can't forget it. I came downstairs to be greeted with a whistle from Josh.

'Oh shut up.'

'You look amazing Jess. Just don't let him hurt you okay?'

'I promise' He pulled me into a hug only to be interuppted by the door knocking. I went to open it only to see Zayn looking more attractive than usual. Is that even possible? He stood there with his mouth hanging open not even moving.

'Close your mouth Zayn, you might catch flies' I joked.

'Sorry, Jess you look absolutley beautiful' I blushed a deep shade of red.

'Thank you. You don't look to bad yourself.' He was dressed in grey trousers, blue top and a blazer (A/N: like his vma outfit) and looked so fit.

'So you ready to go?'

'Absolutly. Where are we going anyways?'

'It's a surprise' I rolled my eyes and said goodbye to Josh before he lead me to his car, opening the door for me just like a gentleman. We drove for about 20 minutes, just talking about random stuff, getting to know each other a little more, until we stopped at what seemed like the beach. It was pretty empty though.

'Where are we?' I asked and Zayn just shook his head leading me towards somewhere. I didnt know where. He covered my eyes with my hands and I giggled as he attempted to lead me without me tripping.

'Almost there.' 

'Where are we going?'

'Just wait....Open your eyes' He whispered into my ear as I opened my eyes to the most beautiful sight ever. A moonlight picnic on the beach with candles lit around the blanket. I smiled at the sight which obviously had a lot of work put into it.

'Do you like it?' His eyes pleaded for a yes.

'I love it... thank you' He grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the blanket and we sat and ate. It was the most memorable night of my life. He was so caring the whole night focusing only on me, although I wish he didn't. I would have been happy with just a simple trip to the park. I love it though and now i really am falling for him. After we ate, we just layed on the sand and watched the stars. Zayn's arm wrapped around my waist as I nuzzled my head into his neck. We just layed there in silence thinking for what seemed like forever but it was perfect.

'I really like you Jess, do you know that?' I turned my head to face him as his eyes glistened.

'Yeah I do and I really like you too Zayn.' I spoke truthfully and he just smiled sitting up.

'Jess will you do the honour of being my girlfriend?' He really did just top the night. I think my heart stopped for a second.

'I would love to be your girlfriend Zayn' He smiled one of the happiest smiles I had ever seen.

'Is it okay if I do this then?' I didnt have chance to reply because before I knew it, his soft lips were on mine and I didn't hesitate to return it. Our lips just fitted together perfectly as they moved in sync. As he deepened the kiss, I smiled into it and it must have been minutes before we both pulled away. We just stared at each other feeling so happy. We continued to stare at the stars and then spent the rest of the night walking along the beach. Hands entwined into each other.

This really is the best night of my life.

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