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'We're going to Doncaster!' Harry's voice rung around the room, awaking me from my sleep. I shot up as the excitements kicked in. This would be the first time in a year, that I would be heading home with my Boobear.

'Lou, we're going home' I sang as he came rushing out with joy spread across his face.

'We are?' He gleamed making sure it wasn't a joke.

'Yup for a few days...Jay said we could all stay round yours as well' Haz explained as us Tommos started prancing around the room. Everyone just shook their heads in embarrassment of knowing us as we started singing random songs...

'In the jungle the mighty jungle

The lion sleeps tonight.....'

'Hakuna Matata, what a wonderful phrase,

Hakuna Matata, ain't no passing craze.'

Yeah we freak everyone out just that little bit more everyday. We're full of surprises as Niall likes to say. I can't believe we were heading home for a few days with everyone we love...well except for Josh and Seth. Seth had to head back to America and Josh didn't want to leave him, so followed him home. So cute. We already miss our GBF's, though for me this is the first time we have been apart but I know josh couldn't be there right next to me forever. I just hoped it would be of been a little bit longer.

Lou and I were quick to pack our stuff as we were eager to see our family. Myself finally as Skylar again. The boys were being annoying by taking their time and then there was Niall who wanted to eat first as well. I think you might find it took us all about 3 hours to get ready before we actually left.  Lou and I were constantly tapping in the car, feeling impatient and just wanting to get home.

Finally when we arrived, we found our house surrounded by about 50 fans.

'How did they know that we are here?' I questioned looking between each of the boys.

'They know everything, more than I know about myself' Liam stated looking quiet scared by the thought.

'They are dedicated is what I say' Lou grinned. The boys decided to go out for a bit with Megane and Kate whilst Lou and I have some quality family time. Security were already outside of the car whilst Lou and I prepared to be attacked ...or mobbed.

Taking one last breath we held onto each other as we pushed our way through the crowd. The screams were bursting my eardrums as they yanked on our clothes. This is dedicated? I'd hate to see what obsessed is? By the time we had reached the front door, I was panting for air whilst Lou grabbed his keys letting us in.

'Whooooaaaaa....I think...my life just flashed before my eyes.' I chocked in between breaths.

'Tell me about it.' We both doubled over looking for some form of air.

'Lou. Sky...Is that you?' The soft voice of our Mum echoed around the house as she appeared out of the living room, beaming like a child. 'My darlings, come here.'

'Hey mum.' We both chanted in unison and she pulled us into a group hug.

'I can't believe your together again. Please don't ever let something like that come between you ever again okay!' She pleaded and we both gave our promises. Moments later the girls arrived attacking Lou and I to the ground in a bundle. We are some family; two sets of twins then Fizz and Lottie.

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