Chapter 4 - I'm What!!!!!!

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I was heading to a club on my own again. It always feels good to get out of the house. There is always so much tension around. I was wearing a tight black dress with my black converse (i will never break my foot wearing those heel things) as I entered the club with a small smile on my face. This felt more like home than the actual one did. I ordered 1 shot but another 4 later and i was feeling it. I got up and started danced, grinding into loads of random people. I didn't care. Some got a little to close for comfort but i was used to it by now. The music was blaring into my ears but it felt good whilst i was in my own world and no one could stop me.

An hour or so later, i don't know my mind was playing tricks on me now, I decided to go out for a fag. Yes i smoke now. I always hated the idea of it before but it feels so right now. I inhaled a toke resting against the wall feeling the cold breeze sweep up my body. I felt so relaxed and peaceful as i just stood and thought about life. I was interrupted though, when a few guys suddenly started coming towards me. I walked away picking up the pace feeling them on my tail as i started to panic.

'Where do you think your going beautiful?' One of them shouted clearly drunk, not that i was sober of course. I stumbled along the pavement turning back every now again seeing that they were getting closer.

'Slow down' Another one yelled at me which made me jump. By now we were at the park and all i wanted to do is go home. The taller one grabbed hold of my shoulder and spun me around as i tried to fight him off. (not easy when your drunk)

'Let go of me!' I screeched as i smacked him away.

'Look boys, we got a feisty one here' He snickered

'Just leave me alone or you will regret it.' They would as well I know karate and even drunk i could easily pull off a few moves that would leave them in pain.

'I don't think we will do that' He practically spat at me.

'Come at me bro' Confidence started burning into me now.

'Oh really well le...' He was cut of by a new voice and footsteps running towards us.

'OIIIIIIII' Great the cops. Boy was i gonna be in trouble. These two had picked me up before and knew exactly who i was and where I lived. Before I knew it, the three boys had fled the scene leaving me standing there awaiting to be escorted home. What fun! I think id much rather deal with the drunk guys.

'Skylar you again really?' The Officer said who i think i remember is called Barry. Oh what an awesome name.'What happened this time?'

'Well I was just relaxing at the club then those...things, started following me home' I replied feeling disappointed that i didn't get to put up a real fight.

'Are you drunk?' He questioned. Wasn't it obvious?

'Me? Drunk? Never.' And there's the sarcastic reply.

'Come on, we're taking you home.' He motioned me towards the car as I followed him with me head down. I really didn't want to go home anymore. The ride was quiet apart from Officer Barry lecturing me on how i shouldn't be getting drunk all the time. Like i haven't heard it all before. We drove into the familiar street which i had been dreading as the second officer opened the car door leading me towards my house.

It was 1am and mum was defiantly not gonna be happy. After 3 knocks i saw a figure head our way and open the door, revealing to us a very worried but mostly angry mother. Oh god help me now.

'Skylar really again how many times do i have to tell.. I am really sorry about this officers i will take it from here. IN NOW!!' She practically yelled at me but not loud enough to wake the girls.

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