Chapter 17 - Fair Time

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 okay see here is the chapter that I think I accidently deleted

enjoy my little ducklings


(Megane's pov)

Tell Harry they say. It will be fine they say. It all worked out for Kate but it doesn't mean it will work out for me. Why does my life suck? Maybe people just can't handle this awesomeness. So basically I am the only single girl left....



All by myself... Don't wanna be all by myself.

I mean come on even the mirror is mean to me. I look amazing yet it shows me this person I don't know. Harry would never go for me when there are way prettier girls out there, yet for some reason my feet are still leading me towards his room now. I try to turn around but the little angel on my shoulder won't let me. The devil is saying otherwise but he is losing badly. Eventually I am by the door debating with myself weather I should go in or not.

I should go in and talk to him

But then again

Just knock

Yes! No! Yes! No!


Just as I face palmed myself the door opened to a very confused Louis. Joy to the world.

"Uh Megan are you okay?" He asked questioning my madness.

"!...Yup everything is normal..."


"Uh is Harry here?" I rushed trying to regain the small normality that I have. Louis just seemed to search my face looking for a sign of any devil that has possible possessed me.

"Yeah, he is his room..second door" I just nodded and followed the direction he was pointing in. You could say that Louis and I still arn't exactly on speaking terms, seeing as I still hate him for hurting Sky. He left the room, leaving me to open up an awkward situation with Harry. I opened the door to his room and immediately regretted it as I was greeted with a naked Harry. I slapped my hands over my eyes trying to cover up the pain. Although he is verryyy fit.

"My eyes...they burn...." I dramatically crumbled to the floor, curling up like an Armadillo.

'Shoot sorry.' From what I could here, as I refused to open my eyes, he was grabbing some clothes and putting them on before I heard footsteps come towards me.

'It's okay you can open your eyes now.' He spoke gently and I slowly moved my hand from my eyes to be met with his emerald ones. He let out a small laugh as I blushed, embarrassed by the previous scene.

'Sorry about that but for the record...' He moved closer towards me and I felt his breath by my ear. 'I shower naked' I gasped a fake shock whilst he continued to laugh.

'That's disgusting' He helped me off of the ground and we headed towards the kitchen.

'So what brings you to 'casa de Harry'?' He asked wiggling his eyebrows whilst poking his tongue out. I couldn't help but giggle.

' came to hang out. Everyone else is busy.' He nodded but I could see the happiness in his eyes. He slid over to the fridge and pulled out some food.

'Fancy an fry-up or and onion?' I rolled my eyes at his attempt to find food.

'Fry-up sounds great and that...' I said gesturing towards the 'onion' 'Is a pomegranate not an onion.'

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