Chapter 21 - Being Skylar again -

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He just stood there motionless whilst I just collapsed onto the floor crying more than I ever had before.

'We'll leave you alone' Harry whispered before leaving the roon with the others following behind. The room was filled with pure silence with only my crying echoing the room. I didn't know what to do. I looked up seeing Louis hadn't moved.

'I'm so sorry Lou...I'm so so sorry.' I sobbed

'I...I...Is..I...It...R-really you sky?' He quietly asked, his voice cracking. I could only manage a nod as I prepared for the worst. Screaming, Shouting? A full blown argument? But no. It didnt come. More silence and the next thing I knew my Boobear was heading towards me pulling me into a bear hug which I didn't refuse as I returned it. We both cried tears of happiness onto each others shoulders not wanting to let go.

'I'm so sorry Lou, I never meant for any of this to happen.'

'It's okay...Skybear please don't cry...I love you so much.'

'I love you to and your crying?' I questioned as we pulled apart.

'I'm aloud to...I have my Skybear back.' He smiled that pure smile that I had longed to see and I did the same.

'You don't hate me?' I asked

'I could never hate you Sky, you mean to much to me...i'm sorry for everything, I shouldn't of listened to those boys...I should have told someone... and when you left I just wanted to disappear to...I am nothing without you...

'You have nothing to be sorry for Boo, I'm the one who didn't tell you who I was whilst I watched you break and I am so so sorry, I wanted to tell you but...'

'Hey Hey I know..I heard the whole argument earlier...i'm just happy I have you back...' He interrupted smiling. 'I can't believe I didn't even recognise you' He shook his head feeling like an idiot.

'Don't get yourself down Boo. No one recognised me. I didn't even recognise me.'

'So does mean you will be coming home for good now?' He pleaded

'I'm not going anywhere Boo.' We both sat their grinning and laughing like we used to not caring about anything anymore, we had each other.

'Come on' I spoke pulling us both up off of the floor as he gave me a confused look.

'Where are we going?'

'To turn me back into the real Skylar!' I exclaimed as his smile returned. I have my Boobear back.

(Louis' POV)

I have my Skybear back. I can't believe she has been here for the past couple of months and I didn't even know. I don't care, I'm not angry at her how could I be? I am just glad shes back. Now just like old times I have a permanent smile back on my face and my eyes are shining again. We are at the hairdressers at the moment whilst Sky is changing he hair back but she wont let me see until it is complete. I went on Twitter and saw she had changed her name back to what it should be.

@SkylarT: So glad that things are right again.

I decided to tell the world I have my Skybear back because I was in that mood. They can stop worrying about me and I can become ME again.

@Louis_Tomlinson: I finally have my twinny back @SkylarT and I couldn't be anymore happier. #TommoTwins

I sent the tweet and immediately got replies and withing five minutes #TommoTwins was trending worldwide. I could see some hate towards Sky. People hating her for leaving and breaking me. If only they knew that I broke her first. Only Sky and I know the truth so they can't judge.

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