Mr. Hollywood by flipflopjrb
Mr. Hollywoodby Jessie
You would think that having a Hollywood star as your best friend would be the most amazing thing in the world right? Going to all the parties, meeting other stars, getti...
  • cinderella
  • forget
  • friend
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Moving In by _CallMe_Crazy
Moving Inby _CallMe_Crazy
Blaze White is the New Girl at the Prep school in her mothers old home town. But her only goal for senior year is to keep a low profile, no friends, no parties and NO bo...
  • travel
  • mysterious
  • newgirl
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The Football Player's Unknown Children by kourtneybooks18
The Football Player's Unknown Chil...by Kourtney
Scarlett Burk is 21 years old. She had been dating her boyfriend, Braden Parker, for 6 years. Her boyfriend just graduated from Oregon State University and she is one ye...
  • dalton
  • leaving
  • sarlett
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Rejected by pandora_101
Rejectedby pandora_101
"Are you..are you my mate?" I asked, as I stuttered, and blinked. "What?! You high? I'll never have a mate as fat as you, and as ugly too. Get lost.&quo...
  • people
  • werewolf
  • logan
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You Left  by Only_Color_I_See
You Left by Only_Color_I_See
When you leave someone and try to come back remember they were hurt when you left them and try to fix what you broke, it's not simple but nothing is simple, right ?
  • breakup
  • love
  • daughter
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Silvermoon Prophecy by IrishShewolf
Silvermoon Prophecyby Sinead
Skylar Winters never felt wanted.She didn't feel like she belonged anywhere.When she is left on the doorstep of the elders house as a baby,they raise her as their own da...
  • war
  • silvermoon
  • powers
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Time to go by Brokenrook
Time to goby Brokenrook
Avengers fanfic Clint is tired of people whispering behind his back after the Loki accident . He never felt accepted by the other avengers. He finally decides that he's...
  • avengers
  • brucebanner
  • afterloki
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An Unexpected Change by imastupididyut
An Unexpected Changeby imastupididyut
I met him at the interview and thought he was the best thing since sliced bread and just as yummy. He might have started out being a demanding boss, but we settled into...
  • pregnant
  • chicklit
  • immigrate
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The Bad Boy Vampire's Shorty *On Hold*  by izzy_Ferguson12
The Bad Boy Vampire's Shorty *On H...by Sergeant Skittles... Badass N...
*On Hold* Not Edited Ridley Appleberry is the nerd, the good girl, the invisible. That is until she meets new bad boy, Ferris Bryce. Ferris has been hiding a secret for...
  • leaving
  • search
  • love
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[Taehyung FF] Playboy | Nerd turn into a hot chick | Changes {Book 1} by BloodyKpop
[Taehyung FF] Playboy | Nerd turn...by 블러디캡
A girl who always been bullied for years... "I wish i have a friend to help me..." "Oh look the new girl is here!" "hey Bitch! Noob!" they...
  • jin
  • btstaehyung
  • forget
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Please don't leave me (Nalu Fanfiction ) by lexi_writer101
Please don't leave me (Nalu Fanfic...by lexi_writer101
Lucy knows she's weak and thinks about leaving Fairy Tail. But, she decides to stay until a girl named 'Lissana' gives her second thoughts. She leaves to another guild...
  • love
  • sad
  • weak
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The Boss Lady's Man by CaitlynRachelC
The Boss Lady's Manby Caitlyn Coker
"Look, Toni. Not everyone who comes into your life is there just to use you. Some people are there because they really do care about you" Erik's calmed voice o...
  • dangerous
  • counterfeit-husband
  • plans
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Ex Best Friend  by Azzie01
Ex Best Friend by Azzie01
My best friend moved away ten years ago... I wonder what would happen if we were to meet again. After all a lot can change in ten years right? •Prologue can be found ins...
  • newgirl
  • highschool
  • newlife
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I left forever... Maybe HTTYD runaway fan fic (COMPLETED) by httyd112
I left forever... Maybe HTTYD runa...by NotBeingUsed
Hiccup was not like other Vikings so what if he ran way before he was chosen to kill the Monstrous Nightmare. He went to the last training session and left before Gobber...
  • gobber
  • snotlout
  • hiccstrid
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My FAKE Boyfriend by Kay_Turner15
My FAKE Boyfriendby Kay_Turner15
My Fake Boyfriend. Sienna is the loner girl that nobody notices and when Elijah the popular guy in school dose take a notice to he it surprises her. When he asked her t...
  • health
  • real
  • money
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Lauren One shot by leegoo
Lauren One shotby Jay Lucero
Title says it all
  • imsorry
  • laurenjauregui
  • leaving
This Kitten Has Claws by Lol5679
This Kitten Has Clawsby Rae Ann
Waking up naked in the middle of the woods wasn't exactly on Amanda's summer wish list. With no recollection as to what happened to her or where she came from, Amanda mu...
  • homes
  • seven
  • sister
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never leaving you  || finn wolfhard  by whipdabwolfhard
never leaving you || finn wolfhar...by TheQueenOfBadUpdates
« in progress » // lowercase intended // « slow updates » a broken girl went on a bike ride one night after hearing that her bestfriend killed herself, she bumped into a...
  • magcon
  • mikewheeler
  • rp
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Bad Girl + Bad Boy (Rewrite) by Wow_zers
Bad Girl + Bad Boy (Rewrite)by Harmony
They say opposites attract but what happens when the two bad people in the whole school who hate each other I might add have to work together on a project worth half the...
  • school
  • florida
  • england
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Ditched (a Harry Styles love story) by cow_queen
Ditched (a Harry Styles love story)by cow_queen
"As long as you keep trying to make things better, you'll be on the right track.'' ''What if I mess up?" "Then you start again." "Will you be wi...
  • big
  • messed
  • niall
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