NEW Chappie hope you are enjoying it i know it is not amazing but hey ho i don't care.... For the record i love these guys all the hate is part of the book so yeah.. enjoy x


'Skylar' Louis croaked out, barely in a whisper.

'Louis' I shot back giving him a glare and if looks could kill he would be dead by now.

'Is that you? What happened?' No it was some random stranger who looks exactly like your twin, has the same name and just decided to turn up to say hi. Come on. None of the other boys had even moved yet. What are they waiting new species of life to turn up. Not gonna happen. Well i hope not anyway. I leaned against the doorway inhaling the smoke, continuing to stare around the room.

'Oh i don't know...just felt like a change. Not that you care anyway.' I replied sounding like i didn't give a care in the world which in all honesty, right now i didn't. Louis looked like he was about to cry which i wasn't expecting at all. Has he finally seen what he has done or was he just feeling sorry for me. I have given up on him now anyway, so i really couldn't care less about what he thinks.

'Lou is this your friend who was at your house on New year?' Quiff Head spoke up i still hadn't bothered to learn their names even if it was like a year later.

'Ha' I snorted at his comment. So Lou still hadn't told them the truth. Not that i expected anything else from him. 'Oh really i can't believe this.'

'I ummmm...Sky I... guys...' Louis stuttered out. Wow he was speechless. So lost in his own lies. I never thought i would see this day, where the famous Louis Tomlinson didn't know what to say. Well there is a first for everything.

'Lou are you okay?' Harry said sounding confused by the whole situation. All they know is that i am supposedly some random friend who was completely normal yet stubborn when they last saw me.

'Lou What happened? Your friend she looks a bit well...different.' A thick Irish accent now filled the room. I'm different? They clearly havn't seen the old Louis then.

'Ha! You seriously think i'm HIS friend? ...Unbelievable' I muttered the last part under my breath. I have had enough of this now and its time to for Louis to reveal his lies.

'What but we saw you round his house and he said your his Mum's friends daughter and...'The other boy (one with the brown hair) stated the obvious or what he thought was. Just because their precious Louis said it was.

'And What?...That doesn't mean i'm his friend. Far from it actually. I wouldn't want to be friends with someone who makes up complete lies.' I practically spat out the last part, feeling anger starting to boil up.

'Skylar please.' Louis pleaded his eyes glistening with water. Oh he was in for it.

'NO LOUIS!...I'm sick of this now. I'm sick of everything you've done. So are you going to tell them the truth or am I?' I shouted crossing my arms over. He looked so startled and afraid. Serves him right. The boys all turned to Louis looking for some explanation as to what i was on about.

'Lou?' Harry questioned looking at the fragile state of the boy who had buried himself so deep, it was going to take him a life time to get back out.

'I-I-I I'm so sorry...I can't.' Tears were now pouring down his face as he searched for some kind of hope of getting through this.

'SORRY! Is that all you can say? You ruined me Louis with all your little lies!...And now you think you can act all innocent when your not....YOU DID THIS TO ME LOUIS...YOU!...No one else. You can't even be man enough now to own up to it. I never wanted this. I never to come here and 'make amends' with you. You've screwed me up so badly that I am now just one big mess and yet you still stand there and think crying will make everything better. Well check back into reality Louis cause it's not going to work!'

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