(Zayn's POV)


I knew I recognised her from somewhere. I never expected this though. Anyone could pick out those eyes anyday and they matched Louis' perfectly. Skylar. The twin Louis has been searching for, for the past year, has been playing us for the past four weeks and none of us knew about it. I have only met 'Skylar' twice before but even I could pick her out from anywhere. Maybe that is why I fell so quickly for Jess. They are the same person and I am not going to lie, even though both times I met Skylar, she wasn't exactly in the best of situations, I still felt drawn towards her and I don't know why. I can't believe it is her though. She has done a good job of hiding, not even Louis recognised her and I can understand why. Without the brown hair and blue eyes, she really is a different person.

She must really be annoyed, to not have told any of us. Why would she? After what Louis did to her. I may not show it but I am still really peeved off with him. There is a small line between mean and basically being an utter twat. He still never told anyone why he never introduced us to her. Poor girl had to leave her family on Christmas, Birthday and any other day we were there, just to keep his dirty little secret. He kinda gets what he deserves now with his family ignoring him a lot of the time and Sky not even wanting to admit who she is. He will always be like a brother to me though, no matter what he has done. Sky is a good actress, I will give you that. The amount of times she has probably had to lie and act clueless around us, is more than you can imagine.

Games up though....

She needs to tell Louis. He really is on the verge of cracking.

'Ummm...Zayn...I can ex...explain...' She stuttered as stood holding the door shaking.

'Please....' I urged as she took one last gulp and stood aside allowing me to come in. She closed the door behind us, whilst we both sat down on the sofa in complete silence, for a least a couple of minutes. Sky fiddled with her fingers, looking terrified.

'Sky...please talk to me' I whispered reaching for her hand. She looked up so I could see her watery eyes, filled with fear.

'I'm sorry. I don't know what to s...say' By now her hand was full on shaking. I pulled her into a hug, comforting her and the tears poured down her cheeks.

'Just go from the beginning. It's okay just tell me what first happened between you and Lou. It might help.' She slowly nodded her head in response.

'Louis and I, we used to be so close, like inseparable. No one could take us away from each other, not even for an hour. We made a promise to always be there for each other no matter what. After we turned 16, he faded away, not over time, just straight away. One minute we joking around together and then the next is as if I was completely invisible to him. I thought it was just a faze, so I brushed it aside....but it just went on and on and the next thing I know, he is at his Xfactor audition and I'm not there.'

She paused for a minute as the tears continued to roll down her face and were now threatening to fall down my own.

'He kept getting through. I always knew he would, he's to good. I'd always write songs for the both of us and we would sing them at school. He got put in the band with you guys and never told anyone about me,. I felt like I didn't even know him anymore. If I ever tried to talk to him, he would just say that he was too tired or busy. The girls saw how Louis was changing and tried to help but it just didn't work. I got fed up of having to leave the house all of the time because you and the boys were coming round. I used to hate you and blame you for stealing my brother away, even though he was gone before you came. I guess, I just couldn't take it anymore and went over the rails. I didn't care about anything anymore. My whole life became a blur. Mum saw what was happening to me, always getting in trouble with the police, drink, drugs and she tried to send me to live with Lou to sort my self out. She said it was her last hope because not even counselling was helping but that is when you guys found out and you know how that turned out...'

I can't believe how much Sky has been through. If I could go back and save her, then I would because no one deserves this. No one.

'After I ran out, I went to Josh's and told him how I didn't want to be Skylar anymore. I didn't want to be related to Louis and be a nobody. I wanted to start a fresh life, become someone new and do what I love, without worrying about people getting in the way, He said he wasn't going to let me go alone, so that's how we ended up here. My life suddenly felt good again but it doesn't mean I didn't miss Louis. He means everything to me, even after what he did. I lied I have two tattoos. I have one on my ankle that says Louis in Latin....'

She lifted up her trackies and showed the jet, black ink that permanently lays on her skin. After everything he did, she still cares for him. It breaks my heart.

'When you guys showed up, I hoped he wouldn't recognise me and he didn't and I thought it would be easy but I was wrong. It got harder. Whenever he talks about Sky it breaks my heart. Then I had to make things worse and lie straight to your faces. I thought it would be all over after a few weeks but I feel in love with you. I can't even admit to myself that I will be losing you, when you go back to England. I would go back but I can't. There are so many bad memories and it scares me. The closer I get to you, the closer I get back to Lou. I can't help how I feel. I suppose I never really paid attention to you when I was Sky but the second I saw you as Jess, I felt something strong. I just don't know what to do.'

By now she was in full melt down mood and I wasn't far off of joining her. My eyes were stained with tears just like hers whilst I cradled her in my arms.

'It's okay Sky. It's okay...I'm sorry this happened to you. You don't deserve this.' I kissed her cheek and continued to comfort her as she calmed down. I pulled her onto my lap and held her close to me. I don't want to lose her and I don't want her to lose me, like she lost everyone else. 'I'm not going to leave you Sky.I promise. I love you'

She looked up to me, her face red from crying 'What should i do Zayn?'

'I...I think you should tell Louis the truth. He deserves to know'

'I can't...not yet. I know how much he is hurting but I can't go back to that life yet. I'm not ready...'

'It will only make things worse if you don't.'

'I know. I just need a little bit longer. Please don't tell anyone' I pondered for a moment. I couldn't hurt her but I can't lose her either.

'Okay I promise I won't tell anyone but Sky?' She looked into my eyes before I continued. 'Please come back to the Uk with me, at least for a while. It will help, maybe give you the courage to tell Lou the truth. Help you get on your feet. You can still write your music, still be Jess but just please, come with me. I can't lose you.'

The room filled with silence as she gently nodded her head. A smile grew on my face and I kissed her soft, pink lips and she immediately kissed back.

'Please stay with me tonight?' I nodded as we got off of the sofa and headed upstairs. Climbing into bed, I pulled her into my arms and she rested her head into my neck. We lay in peaceful silence, feeling in a way happy and relieved that I knew the truth. It was only a matter of minutes, before darkness took over and we were both drifted asleep. Jess. Sky. There is no difference. I love them both.


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