'Jess hurry up we're going to be late!!' Josh shouted from the other side of house.

'COMING!' I replied, grabbing the last of my things i needed for the day.

A lot has happened in the past year. For the best though. I am no longer Skylar Tomlinson. My name is Jessica Taylor. I have short blonde hair, instead of the usual long brown hair. My eye colour has changed from the bright blue to a more darker brown, yet they still sparkle. (its amazing what contacts can do) I ditched the dark clothes and now I am back to my bright colours but more casual. It feels so good to have started fresh. I am a whole new person. I stopped self-harming and binned the cigarettes. With the help of josh of course but i have never felt so free and happy.

When we got to New York i started writing my music again. The lyrics just came back to me and a few weeks after arriving we got signed onto a professional recording studio. WE being me and Josh. He works along side me doing all the techie stuff that i don't understand. Josh never left me. He also decided to go for the new look except he grew  his hair slightly and dyed it from blonde to brown. He kept his name and eye colour as they weren't as distinct as mine but just by changing his hair colour no one would recognise him (i barely did).

So professional song writing...It's the most amazing job EVER! We have written, recorded and produced music videos and songs for all sorts of artists including Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Bruno Mars and Ed Sheeran. Life couldn't get any better. Before Skylar hated One Direction but Jess she doesn't care she thinks they are amazing. At the same time she has nothing against them. With such a good job Josh and I were able to buy a big house and I mean big. 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, indoor and outdoor pool, games room and a kitchen that i could live in on its own.

'Skylar come on!' He yelled. Yes we were late but it doesn't matter, we practically run the place. We decide when we turn up or not. I put on my brown skinny jeans, white top with my black blazer and white vans. 

Today we had some new people coming in but they wouldn't tell us who. All i know is that i have to get to know them and use that to write them a new song. Should be fun. Josh is hoping it is a gay guy he could get to know. I told him not to get his hopes up. I tied my hair up in a messy bun and flew down the 3 floors of stairs towards the kitchen where Josh was. I grabbed an apple deciding it was all i had time to eat for breakfast.

'Took you long enough.' Josh rolled out as we both let out a small laugh. 'Typical Girl.'

'Hey! I don't take that long and its only cause you did your hair at like 6am that your ready before me. We both know you take the longest. We both burst into fits of laughter knowing it is true. He takes like 2 hours on his hair and then an extra hour to chose an outfit. Today he was wearing his chinos, converse and white t-shirt with his grey cardigan. Typical Josh.

'So you ready to go?' He questioned

'Of course' I replied grabbing my bag heading out of the door. I jumped into our Porsche whilst Josh locked up. We drove to the studio whilst singing along to Ed Sheeran on the radio...

'I wanna be drunk when I wake up

On the right side of the wrong bed

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