Chapter 24 - On tour -

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New chappie guys and there is a picture of terrrrrrance urtle on the side ->

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The tour has now kicked off and let's just say the pranks are in full session. There are two tour buses, one for the girls and one fore the boys and basically that is the prank teams now. The exception being Josh, who has joined the girls to make it...almost equal. We are in full competition mode now and the only rule is, if you get pranked, you are out. So lets just say we are all being extra cautious and it's hilarious. The last two people standing will battle it out and the winner and their team gets to throw pies at the losing team, on stage at the end of one of the concerts.

So the boys better prepare to be PIED because they are going down!!

The 4 musketeers are currently chilling on OUR tour bus whilst Scar is with Liam on the other bus with the boys. We were just about to set up a game of truth or dare, as we are stuck on this bus for 5 hours. FUN! As if on que, the rest of the boys arrived settling down to join us, already knowing what we were about to play. We exchanged weird looks as they once again read our minds.

'Kate texted Niall asking if he wanted to join in and Niall told us!' Louis proudly stated sitting on my lap as I shoved him off. We looked at Kate who smiled sheepishly, holding on to her phone for dear life. If only the buses had left before we decided to play. We talked for about an hour, about the usual random stuff before I rolled my eyes at a comment  Zayn made. We all took our place, sat in a circle as if we were about to chant a spell. Unfortunately for me, my Hogwarts acceptance letter got lost in the post so I can't yet cast a real spell with my wand I carry everywhere with me. Shhhh don't tell anyone.

'Okay who is going firsssttttttt...HARRY!' Lou shouted as he pointed to our curly haired friend, who's hair reminds me a lot of curly fries. Now I want curly fries. 'Truth or Dare?'


'Okay I dare you to...' Lou was interrupted by the bus coming to a Halt and Paul strolling in.

'Sorry to interrupt your fun guys but we are stopping for food....Niall requested' Paul stated as we all gave Niall the same look we gave Kate not to long ago and he clutched onto his phone just like she had. No wonder they are the perfect match for each other.

'We will continue this...Whilst we are getting food!' Megane exclaimed as we all dashed off of the bus, towards the small restaurant ahead of us. The bell went off when we opened the door and we took a seat at a table, preparing to continue the game which was rudely interrupted. I looked around at the victims we could terrorise in here and smirked to myself. We all ordered food before restarting.

'OKAY Harry I dare you to...go up to that man, rub his bald head and then lick his earlobe!' Lou cheered whilst Harry took one look at the man and headed off. He wandered around a bit before sitting down next to the bald man who gave him a weird look. Hazza just smiled at him as if this was normal. When the man turned back to his conversation with his date, Haz rubbed his bald head then stood up and started walking away before turning around again and licking his earlobe. The rest of our table was in hysterics and all we got in return was a confused audience looking slightly scared, might I add. Hazza returned to our table smiling before taking a bow and sitting down.

'That was amazing Haz!. Okay, Niall truth or dare?' I asked as he stroked the invisible beard, (just like Kate does) thinking of an answer.

'Um....Truth?' Really Niall? Boring.

'What has been your most embarrassing moment?' I questioned looking directly at him.

'I don't really know. I suppose once when I was on holiday, we were trying to get food but then it started chucking it down with rain, so we started running for shelter but me being the klutz I am. tripped in front of everybody.' He blushed and we all awwed, apart from Lou and Haz who laughed like the idiots they are.

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