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Infatuation of a Merman by Scarlel
Infatuation of a Mermanby Scarlel
They lure you into the waters, twisting their haunted melody. You don't feel a thing as you drown into the sea, unaware of your new deathbed. Only once they sink their t...
  • love
  • sea
  • werecreatures
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The One-Hundred | 2015 Watty Award Winner by renesmeewolfe
The One-Hundred | 2015 Watty K. Weikel
Every human baby is killed beneath the waves-with one exception: the one hundred thousandth is spared. Among them, there are those chosen by the moon or sea, an ancient...
  • fantasy
  • tribal
  • love
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Love, Gracie Dolan || Ian Jeffrey  by dickedols
Love, Gracie Dolan || Ian Jeffrey by keely
she was in a dark state he brought her back to the light
  • suicide
  • instagram
  • friends
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Under The Waves by 1STCORNDOG
Under The Wavesby —
[namgi] "Yoongi.." "Yeah, I see it too." Warnings, do we ever really listen to them? ------- i do not own BTS (wish i could) and the story events are...
  • namgi
  • sea
  • btsjimin
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Bromance | TAWOG Gumwin Fan-Fic (✔️) by amberiscool333
Bromance | TAWOG Gumwin Fan-Fic (✔ ♡Raven♡
It's been what, four years since Gumball was twelve. Penny moved away after a bad incident with Gumball on their date, and Gumball hasn't had a crush since then. Darwin...
  • bromance
  • awesomeness
  • cat
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Banana Fish x Male!Reader by Kashu0-0Kat
Banana Fish x Male!Readerby KASHU
"My mother was really mad today. More than usual. So like always, I ran away but this time I was losing a lot of blood and collapsed in the middle of a street. With...
  • banana
  • reader
  • xreader
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A Broken Fin-In Recovery & Rehabilitation by LoopHole150
A Broken Fin-In Recovery & Loop Hole
A mermaid AU BNHA Midoriya the mermaid lives in the ocean by the second largest aquarium and marine biology center in the world. credit to all artists, I do not own. BNAH
  • merdeku
  • class1a
  • bnha
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The Mermaid Slave by Kiara_vr
The Mermaid Slaveby Mhm
Melody is a 16 year old mermaid, the daughter of a nobleman, who is captured by fishermen, fishing illegally, and sold for a large sum of money on the black market to a...
  • nets
  • fish
  • gangster
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Sea of death by Pokem1234
Sea of deathby Pokem1234
(Bnha AU fish Death) izuku unlocked his quirk it's quirk that's kinda villain quirk where he can make skeleton sea animals And he was feared because of his quirk
  • smart
  • izuku
  • emotionless
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Hood ➳ One Shots by eightiesprincesss
Hood ➳ One Shotsby ☆𝖐𝖆𝖎𝖙𝖎𝖊☆
Hood (n) juvenile delinquent ~ In which a lonely girl writes things for her friends and those who want them.
  • rumble
  • wattys2018
  • outsiders
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Anime!Gumball X reader by Fanfic_writing
Anime!Gumball X readerby ♥️
[ON HOLD] This is the lovestory between you and Gumball Watterson! Although they are animalistic and object-like characters, their appearance will be somewhat close to...
  • amazing
  • cat
  • nicole
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atlantis| a semi literate roleplay by Xx_Phoebus-Apollo_xX
atlantis| a semi literate roleplayby ☼Apollo☼
exactly what the title states.
  • atlantis
  • roleplay
  • underwater
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Escape The Game by NamiraMoonlight
Escape The Gameby NamiraMoonlight
26 teenagers were forced to attend a party by their parents. When they arrived, they meet Matthew. The 'host' of the house their party is taking place. As they sat thems...
  • game
  • seal
  • horror
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Finding Nemo: A Thriller by AdrianaLay123
Finding Nemo: A Thrillerby Adriana Loehe
Eleven years after a serial killer murdered FBI agent's Marlin Burns' wife and three sons, this single dad is raising his only son, Nemo. He thought-- hoped the organiza...
  • thriler
  • disneyretelling
  • goodthrillers
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Fish  by MichaelJJackson-
The Legend of The White Zora by thatneonlion
The Legend of The White Zoraby thatneonlion
A white zora will be born. A white zora will be the savior
  • good
  • mipha
  • öf
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Centuri Amic: a Prince Sidon x Reader Lemon by _JayShook_
Centuri Amic: a Prince Sidon x _JayShook_
-For all of those who wanted to fuck a sexy fish shark man your welcome. This will contain lemon/smut so yes proceed with caution- 100 years ago u were happily playing i...
  • botw
  • sidon
  • lemon
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Damian's Deeds | The One-Hundred Series  by renesmeewolfe
Damian's Deeds | The One-Hundred K. Weikel
Sometimes the villian of the story isn't really evil - his motives are just wrong. Damian isn't in the right... state of mind to seek revenge on a certain One with power...
  • mermen
  • badboy
  • fantasy
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Subnautica: The Reaper [Fanfic] by Greywolf_WoF
Subnautica: The Reaper [Fanfic]by greywolf
[Major Spoilers] After the Aurora crashed on Planet 4546B, an SOS was broadcast to Alterra Co. Although initially, a rescue mission was not sent, Alterra later sent the...
  • ocean
  • scifi
  • fish
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вαвү вαηαηα ғιsн by Never_Mindo
вαвү вαηαηα ғιsнby Nevermindo
[ᴬⁿᵈᵃᵐᵉⁿᵗᵒ]୭.° Após se formar no Ensino Médio, Eiji, fica extremamente preocupado em não conseguir emprego. Ele já mandou currículos para tudo que é canto, mas nenhuma e...
  • ibe
  • sing
  • banana
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