Me and Louis were always so close. That was until we turned 16 and we started to drift apart. I still don't know why. I would always be asking him if he wanted to hang out or watch a movie together but he would always say he was to busy or too tired. He had never been like this before. 1 day he was all happy and his general usual self and the next day he was avoiding me at all costs. He would just hide in his room all day.

It always felt like I had been stabbed several times as something so close to me was being ripped away. Usually I would just shrug it off but then he even started ignoring me in school as if I was a complete stranger to him. We were twins but it suddenly felt like we weren't even related anymore. As though he wasn't the Boobear I knew anymore. We are 18 now and nothing has changed. We were still just drifting apart.

Then two weeks ago I stayed round my best friend Kate's for most of the week as it was the half term, only to come back to an empty house. No mum. No Louis. No Lottie or Fizz or Daisy or Phoebe. I tried calling but no answer. I chucked my stuff onto the floor and waltzed into the kitchen for food when I noticed the note on the table. I picked up unsure weather I actually wanted to read it or not but I was curious. Who wouldn't be?

Dear Sky

I'm sorry we couldn't tell you early but we will be away for a couple of days in London. A few months ago Louis put In a form to audition for the x factor and got through and this week is the live auditions. I tried to convince him to let you come along but he just said no. All he said was it is for the best.

He will come around eventually Sky but for now just give him some space okay. We will be back soon so I left some money for you to order some food and go out shopping for yourself. We love you Sky and we will see you in a couple of days. 

Love mum xx


He auditioned for the x factor and didn't tell me. We are suppose to be twins we tell each other everything. Well used to. Tears started to form in my eyes. I knew I was losing my Boobear. Everyone knows he has an amazing voice and we all know he will go far. Why wouldn't he? He was in band at school and they are incredible i could listen to them all day.

What happened between us that now he didn't even want people to know he had a twin, let alone not let me come along to his audition. I could've pretended to be a family friend if he was to embarrassed by me. I mean i know we look alike but for they know it could just be a coincidence.

All I wanted to do is slap some common sense into him right now but I knew I wouldn't. I would do anything for Lou purely because he is my brother. My twin.

As my mind whizzed around many thoughts I was interrupted by the sound of my stomach rumbling so I decided to put Momma Jay's money to good use and order a Chinese. I grabbed the phone and ordered a chicken chow main, king prawn curry and egg friend rice with prawn crackers. (I always did have a big appetite so yes that is a lot of food for one girl.)

30 minutes later my food arrived so I sat down with the music turned up loud and finally enjoyed what time I had left of a free house. Louis was the one with the amazing voice. Mine was okay but i focus more on writing my own songs but nobody knows about that. I tend to just keep it to myself. I like it that way.

The familiar tune of Taylor swift filled the room. Her music always cheers me up. 

'Cause when you fifteen and somebody tells you they love you your gonna believe them' 

This song always reminded me of my ex boyfriend James. We went out for 2 years and I always thought he was the one but then I caught him cheating on me. The only person that was there for me was Louis. If only he was here now. I had known James for 3 years before we went out and Louis was always the overprotective brother. I suppose a few month before i found out about James dirty little secret, i did feel like we were drifting apart but i never thought he would do something like that to me. Only for me to catch him making out with the most popular girl in school. Lexi Trainer. Or as i call her the Queen Bee/Slut. She has probably made out with most of the boys in our year and still they follow her around like a lost puppy. Most of them seriously need to grow a pair. 

My phone vibrated from the kitchen so I ran to pick it up.

'1 new message'

It was from Josh; My one and only GBF. Yes he is gay and we have been friends since I was 7. He got on so well with Lou and I and even he noticed Louis' change of behaviour. We were all so close. WHAT HAPPENED!!!!

I opened the message and read it out loud to the invisible people in the house. As you do.

'Hey Sky,

Me Kate and Megane are all going out tomorrow fancy coming????'

I love these guys so much and no her name is not actually Megane. It's Megan but somehow we ended up with Megane and it stuck. I think it was when we were in science class. It's a long story.  These were my friends that I knew would stand by me not matter what happens.

I replied instantly,

'Yeah sure sounds cool where we going???'

Josh: ' Beach and movies we will pick you up at 1pm'

Me: 'Cool see you then'

I took one last look at my phone and saw that it was already 10 pm so I decided to call it a night. 

I put on some jogging bottoms and a baggy top and snuggled into bed. http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=59584548 Just as I was about to fall asleep my phone buzzed again. However this time it was from Momma Jay.

'Hey sweetie

just letting you know that Louis got through to boot camp. We hope your doing alright and we will now see you tomorrow. Night darling.'

Love mum x'

Inside I was so excited for Louis this was his dream. A chance for it to come true but deep down I knew this is where I was gonna lose my Boobear to the world. No one would even know I exist.

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