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(Louis' POV)

 1 to go...

Just me and one last oppenent.

To say it is going to be a simple challenge would be an understatment.

Prank King Vs the prank Queen....

Lets just say that I ain't about to lose because then the girls get to be pied on stage.


We had changed the rules slightly for the last part. There is no prank the opponent when you can. No. It is a simple one on one battle where we both stand 100ft apart with water guns filled with custard. When the whistle goes we both run and hide, (the field is basically like a giant paintballing area) and the first one to shoot the other one in the chest wins. This is a mans game but I know Sky is not your average girl. She has some serious skillage.

"OKAY ARE YOU GUYS READY?" I heard Niall's Irish accent call out.

"READY!" Sky and I both replied in unison as I placed a firm grip on my gun ready for battle. My heart was pounding and right now I could seriously imagine watching this whole thing over in slow motion. Ninja style. The whistle blew and I started by diving behind a barrell, checking my surroundings. All clear. Let it begin Tomlinson.


(Sky POV -It will switch a lot in this chapter)

I heard the whistle go as I headed straight for the tree, Charging up it. There was no way I was going to let Lou win this. I wanted to destroy  the boys and Lou's man pride now and on stage later. My plan was to jump from tree to tree and take him down from behind. Simple but effective. So far I couldn't see Lou anyway but unless  he spotted me up here, then there was no way he will ever find me. So Let it begin Tomlinson.

(Lou POV)

I had a feeling that Sky was going to play smart in this game. Knowing her she wouldn't stay on the ground so I kept a look out everywhere. Even the trees, I know what this girl is like. I heard rustling but I didin't know where it was coming from so I got up and Ninja rolled behind a small wall. I was already covered head to toe in mud but I didn't care. This is seriously the best prank war ever.

I could see the other guys watching from the side, laughing at us obviously knowing where Sky was hiding and vise versa. I just smirked at them as I refocused my mind back onto the game. Out of the corner of my eye I saw something jump from one tree to another. Bingo. I told you she would try outsmarting me. Not going to work. Time to step it up a notch.

(Sky POV)

I was close to reaching Lou and I was in the tree a few feet behind him. He was so going down. Everything thing was goin....

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