'PIE?' Liam questioned as Niall's head shot up at the sound of food.

'PIE! PIE? WHERE? Niall asked as everyone looked around in confusion as to why pie was brought up int the conversation.







'OKAY ENOUGH WITH THE PIE!' Harry broke out. 'Back to the song.'

We had just finished writing the last part and were now putting the final bits together, whilst Niall came up with a beat on his famous guitar. Liam and Zayn were working out the lyrics whilst Louis, Harry and Josh set up the recording studio, ready for them to try the song out. I am so glad Lou hasn't figured out who Josh is yet. It obviously means our amazing skills of changing our looks really worked. 

It feels weird though, having my Loubear back here and actually speaking to me. Even if it isn't me and he doesn't know it is me either. If you know what i mean. I do miss him and  he seems to be acting like the old Louis now. Not the one i have seen so many times on TV shows, Radios or Billboards. I miss my family too and sometimes i wish i could just go back home to Doncaster and tell them where i am and what happened. Make them promise they wont tell Louis. At least then they would know i was safe and could see Lottie and Fizz again. Hang out with Phoebe and Daisy like we used to. 

'Okay so the songs are all done. Shall we try it out in the studio?' Zayn seemed eager to go. He flashed me a smile and headed towards Josh.

'Yeah sure. Josh are we ready to go?' I turned to face Josh who was playing with some wires.


'Awesome. Okay guys get in there and show us your stuff.' I directed them towards the studio whilst we all packed in.

Liam started signing first and then the rest just flowed out and let me just say they are amazing.

Hey girl, I'm waitin' on ya, I'm waitin' on ya
Come on and let me sneak you out
And have a celebration, a celebration
The music up, the window's down....

My phone vibrated and I picked it up to see i had a new message from Josh. What?

{1 new message}

Josh: I wanna talk to you about well.. you know who meet me outside.

I slid my phone back into my pocket and turned back to the boys.

'Amazing guys how about you start recording some other songs and i just need to do something quick.' I spoke through the mic, they all nodded in agreement and started on a new song. I headed out of the room towards where Josh said he'd be to find him standing by the wall.

'Hey how you doing?' He greeted pulling me into a hug which i immediately returned.

'Okay I guess I mean Jess doesn't mind working with the boys and Louis being there, but... i guess...'

'There is still a bit of Skylar in you, that misses her brother but is still annoyed enough with him that she doesn't want to tell him the truth'

'How is it that you know me so well?'

'I've known you most of my life Sky. Your my best friend and i actually pay attention to your life.'

'Your amazing Josh you know that?'

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