Logan paul x jake Paul  by m_wylie26
Logan paul x jake Paul by Jesus Christ
Brothers by chance, lovers by choice
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Searching for My Hijabi Princess by Price_Is_Right
Searching for My Hijabi Princessby Price_Is_Right
She wasn't looking for a second chance. She was looking for work to feed her children. He didn't even want to find a girl. He was a gamer, lazy, and an occasional spo...
  • wife
  • islam
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Little Things (A Harry Styles Fanfiction) by CelestialWinter
Little Things (A Harry Styles Fanf...by CelestialWinter
BE WARNED. THIS STARTS OUT IN THE CARROT YEARS OK.......You can skip a couple chapters I guess but can also just go to the second book... Lydia. 18. Beautiful. Nice. Sma...
  • vicroia
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ᗩ ᔕᑭOOᑎᖴᑌᒪ Oᖴ ᗩᖇT- ᗷOOK 1 by SugarSpoonZ
ᗩ ᔕᑭOOᑎᖴᑌᒪ Oᖴ ᗩᖇT- ᗷOOK 1by Snekk
Ehhh... Howdy do there? Welcome to the pit of self loathing and art. Update Schedule- Once in a blue moon or when I feel confident and motivated enough. Which is almost...
  • drawings
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nolan's diary  by dolan_bub
nolan's diary by dolan_bub
  • twins
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mama beef by OnyxTheWerewolf
mama beefby OnyxTheWerewolf
  • romance
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Never Be The, Same. by MottleDBM
Never Be The, Same.by MottleDBM
Lilyaina Ivarra, and her best friends, Alexis and Tripp Green are close to becoming zombies. Their school had gotten attacked by millions of zombies. They have to get...
  • spoons
  • school
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Spoonie Squad by laurabeth1996
Spoonie Squadby Laura Beth
Julia Ny and one of her best friends, Catherine Reha, are entering their freshman year of college. In high school, the duo made themselves known by being superheroes an...
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