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Secret twin 1D - Book 1 by 1dnarnianlou
Secret twin 1D - Book 1by Musketeer 1
Skylar Tomlinson is Louis' forgotten twin that he never spoken of after he auditioned for the x factor. Skylar is bullied And tormented and called a liar when all she d...
  • camp
  • jess
  • niall
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The Hide And Seek Game (Kei Tsukishima Fanfiction) by HandTheirEnd
The Hide And Seek Game (Kei 彼らの終わりを手渡す
"I found you. And I'm always looking at you: your happiness and sadness . . . everything."
  • wattys2018
  • haikyuu
  • saltyshima
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Don't Be Afraid (Midorima Shintarō x OC) by Lovenebolous11
Don't Be Afraid (Midorima Shintarō Lovenebolous11
I thought I was never going to be happy in my life again. Then I saw him.
  • xoc
  • romance
  • midorima
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Megane Oikawa X Iwazuimi IWAOI Fanfic (Haikyuu!!) by _stantalent_
Megane Oikawa X Iwazuimi IWAOI myself
Enjoy. Megane: Japanese term for glasses. It can be used to describe a person who wears glasses, usually a man.
  • haikyuu
  • iwachan
  • iwazuimixoikawa
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You're Not Unpleasant... (Mirai Kuriyama x Akihito Kanbara) by Weeb134
You're Not Unpleasant... (Mirai HereComeDatGirl
"ʏᴏᴜ'ʀᴇ sᴏ ᴜɴᴘʟᴇᴀsᴀɴᴛ!"
  • youresounpleasant
  • yomu
  • kuriyama
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Meganebu! Megane can be a brothers love *Yaoi* (Meganebu! Fan-Fic) by Made2352
Meganebu! Megane can be a Mai Yume (マイ夢)
Meganebu! Megane can be a brothers love "Hikaru your so cute like that." Hikaru looked at Akira and frowned. "Don't say unnecessary things, especially lie...
  • yaoi
  • akira
  • anime
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Anime Guys in Glasses by renachan21
Anime Guys in Glassesby December Avenue
Some originally don't have glasses, but some do. The transparent one though, not the shaded ones.
  • glasses
  • animeguys
  • animepictures
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Finders Keepers. by LoopyLollyPop19
Finders Lolly~Chan
Gintama one shots. Will mainly be OkiKagu but will have some Gin x Otae or Gin x Tsukky. Maybe some Otae x Gorilla cause I feel bad for Kondo. There will also be times w...
  • okita
  • tsukky
  • yato
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Meganeko Attack by Ale_Rision
Meganeko Attackby Ale_Rision
Custom Maid per cellulare + Majokko non possono portare ad altro che ad una saga epica di dimensioni stratosferiche.
  • custom
  • poteri
  • magici
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How Solar Energy Can Be Part Of Our Lives by skheating123
How Solar Energy Can Be Part Of skheating123
  • transaction
  • neighbourhood
  • index
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Salvaged by psychotic_porcupine
Salvagedby psychotic_porcupine
Salvage your mind from the wreckage, and stand by yourself, and sail to be free. If anyone could suggest better blurbs, I am open to suggestions.
  • peace
  • crash
  • megane
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Shut down Computers at Night by skheating123
Shut down Computers at Nightby skheating123
  • gloucester
  • mozilla
  • cooling
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How Solar Power Can Become Part Of Our Way Of Living by skheating123
How Solar Power Can Become Part skheating123
  • mozilla
  • booklet
  • refrigeration
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Yokoro's Art Book! by Yokoro
Yokoro's Art Book!by Yokoro
Here's my art book full of manga and anime OCs, everybody! If you stick with me long enough, you'll most likely see a little improvement and COLOR! ヽ(*'∀')ノ゙
  • megane
  • originalcharacters
  • animeboys
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