The Descendants - A 2018 Wattys Award Winner! by paulapdx
The Descendants - A 2018 Wattys Paula G.
❇️ 2018 WATTYS WINNER! The Originals category ❇️ - "The Breakfast Club" meets "Veronica Mars" in this most unusual YA Mystery. Using ACTUAL, archiva...
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Nag-Mahal, Nasaktan, Natulog? by shimx132
Nag-Mahal, Nasaktan, Natulog?by BabaengHumuhugot
Bullied, moved houses, bullied again, made a friend. I was a just a simple girl with a simple life. I thought I had everything planned out, Study Hard, Graduate, Get a j...
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Candy Bimbo Hypnosis Scripts by CandyHypno
Candy Bimbo Hypnosis Scriptsby Candy Hypnosis
UPDATED 9/19/2018 - The orgasm script, Candy Cockslut, has been published. More conditioning scripts are on their way. A collection of hypnotic conditioning scripts tha...
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Dear Evan Hansen Script  by amethystdarkwolf
Dear Evan Hansen Script by Max
Title! I got bored. :)
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Cold Mountain Script by karmaholmes
Cold Mountain Scriptby Ketzia
This is the shooting script of the film, Cold Mountain. The screenplay was written by Anthony Minghella . The film is based on the novel written by Charles Frazier. This...
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Hypnosis Scripts by RonjaGale
Hypnosis Scriptsby Ronja
Hypnosis script. Mature content. I write these script for fun and have no personal plan to use them. You are all free to read them and judge them as much as you like...
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Dear Evan Hansen } Original Broadway Script Book by DearEvanHansenFan
Dear Evan Hansen } Original DearEvanHansenFan
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Be More Chill Script by SkipInSpace
Be More Chill Scriptby Skipples
Read the title
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Acting Monologues by gotham90210
Acting Monologuesby karlee
theater monologues for teens.
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My Pirate by dreamerwritesfanfics
My Pirateby A. LynnRose
Amandah, Governor Swann's oldest daughter, has rejected every marriage proposal thrown her way. When asked about it she just says she want's excitement. What happens whe...
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Shield and PCB | It's All About History by CCTran729
Shield and PCB | It's All About Celine
Highest rankings #1 Saige -Charreigns -Amblynch #4 Script #94 WWE || Dean:*Salty Shouldn't you be with Finn? Becky:He's at a fanmeet-wait you're still mad? Dean:Salty as...
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Scripts by TheAvgDorkYoudExpect
Scriptsby Sky
This story has links to color-coded scripts of various musicals. INCLUDES: -Heathers: The Musical -Dear Evan Hansen -MORE COMING SOON- I do not, by any means, own any of...
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A Walk to Remember Screenplay by karmaholmes
A Walk to Remember Screenplayby Ketzia
This is the shooting script of the coming-of-age film A Walk to Remember. The screenplay was written by Karen Janszen.The film is based on the novel by Nicholas Sparks...
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The Necklace (SCRIPTED) by kj_nadani
The Necklace (SCRIPTED)by kj_nadani
Wanting to be rich and famous is not bad, but what happened to Mathilde is that her want for rich and fame changed her attitude and turned her into a worst person that h...
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Bonnie and Clyde Broadway Script by karmaholmes
Bonnie and Clyde Broadway Scriptby Ketzia
This is the final draft of the of the Broadway production of Bonnie and Clyde.This is written in stage form, which makes it slightly harder to read. Also, please note th...
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The Vampire Diaries Monologues and Dialogues by Suem11
The Vampire Diaries Monologues sammariano
Includes dialogues/monologues from The Vampire Diaries.
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ပ်က္​ယြင္​း​ေန​ေသာခံစားခ်က္​မ်ား by ChO_YOON
ပ်က္​ယြင္​း​ေန​ေသာခံစားခ်က္​မ်ားby Cho Nandi Hlaing
စာ​ေရးသူ၏ခံစားခ်က္​မ်ားကို စာဖြဲ႔ကာဆိုညည္​းသည္​။ စိတ္​ခံစားခ်က္​မ်ား၊ဘဝအ​ေၾကာင္​းအရာမ​်ား၊ကြၽန္​မခ်စ္​ရ​ေသာသူႏွင္​့ဆက္​နႊယ္​​ေသာအ​ေၾကာင္​းမ်ား..အစ႐ွိသျဖင္​့အစံုပါသည္​။
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japanese voice acting scripts by cottonberri
japanese voice acting scriptsby cotton22 candi
for all anime lovers and youtubers who would like to do anime voice acting scripts. i dont own everything but i do own most of the things i personally like kawaii voice...
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Poetrylogues by VaniaChristyR
Poetryloguesby Vania R
Hey Everyone! Welcome to my collection of Poetrylogues! What is Poetrylogues? It's poetry monologues! So all of these stories are scripts That you can play and act...
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Unexpected- Ulquihime Fanfiction Script by yokailovesugar
Unexpected- Ulquihime Fanfiction yokailovesugar
Bleach Ulquihime Fanfiction Script -Orihime comes back from a Match Making arranged Marriage date and has an unexpected reunion with a green eyed man from her past tha...
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