Httyd Memes by nicole1857
Httyd Memesby Astrid Haddock
Hilarious How to train your dragon memes!!
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  • fishlegs
  • chicken
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chicken legs | yoonmin. by sighcheng
chicken legs | jingfei!
❝ watch where you're going, chicken legs. ❞ yoonmin texting au. lowercase intended. start: 170409 end: 180910 highest ranking: #142 in yoonmin covers by neozonned!
  • yoonmin
  • bts
  • chicken
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FUNNIEST EVER Hetalia images 3 by Raven-Fallington
FUNNIEST EVER Hetalia images 3by it's coming
-I DO NOT OWN HETALIA! -PRUSSIA STOLE MY PORN -Crushed pineapple tho--
  • youregay
  • usuk
  • yuym
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Hiccstrid one shots by httyd_k
Hiccstrid one shotsby Rtte_httyd
Hi This is some random ideas I have for some stories. I have read a lot of httyd one shots an thought why not try myself so please give me feedback and come with requests
  • hiccup
  • hiccstridoneshot
  • httyd2
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HEART (jenlisa) by mint_chcoltchip
HEART (jenlisa)by Dandan
Lisa and Chaeyoung are paired by their parents... For arranged marriage. But Lisa really love her best friend Jennie. Chaeyoung love her best friend Jisoo. Jennie love h...
  • chaeyoung
  • chicken
  • lisa
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FAILED Marriage  by JenzieHannieStory
FAILED Marriage by AngelinaAndLina
Mackenzie and Johnny Orlando are married. They were forced and fell in love. But, after 2 months of knowing/being married to each other. Johnny changed completely. He st...
  • haydensummerall
  • annie
  • maddieziegler
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Instagram ~ jaesix by jisoochickenn
Instagram ~ jaesixby binnie
A fellow youtuber named Jaesix has just followed you back on Instagram ! After having several social media interactions you guys are finally meeting up ! Will you guys...
  • teenager
  • shortstory
  • romance
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When a university student gets a job for a famous YouTuber, she doesn't realise she will experience a lot of chickens, calculators and memes.
  • dankmemes
  • chickenoppa
  • bigmarvelxreader
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My Gang And I. by AwesomeChocolate4231
My Gang And AwesomeChocolate4231
He was most feared by all his peers But not her. She was feared by the world But he didn't know. He hates having a connection with her Because everyone he loved never...
  • flashback
  • chicken
  • foes
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A Hannie Story, w/ a twist by JenzieHannieStory
A Hannie Story, w/ a twistby AngelinaAndLina
When years past, both Hayden and Annie are 20. Annie has a surprise for Hayden. But, when he leaves for a visit, and never comes back. Annie is heartbroken! 12 years lat...
  • secrets
  • summerall
  • hannie
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How it Happened by lalalalawriting
How it Happenedby ℓαℓαℓαℓαwriting
So, I'm kinda clumsy. I tripped when I walked across the stage to receive my high school diploma, knocked down a ladder that was supporting my dad, and sneezed into a w...
  • clumsy
  • chicklit
  • youngadult
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Sorrowful | Day6 Jae by Pink1Milk
Sorrowful | Day6 Jaeby Strawberry Milk.
"Play me one of your songs," she asked, he picked up his guitar and played a soft melody. Her life was perfect again, or was it?♥ COMPLETED ©Pink1Milk #Day6Jae
  • day6
  • day6jae
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Race to the Edge One Shots by DisneyKaye
Race to the Edge One Shotsby DisneyKaye
This is my first HTTYD fan fiction(s) so please keep the hatefulness to yourself and feel free to comment and vote 🤓 WARNING: Hiccstrid is the main ship Some chapters...
  • barfandbelch
  • oneshots
  • rtte
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A Step Closer by hannahweng05
A Step Closerby hannahweng05
'Do you liked me? Come on spit out the truth, who wouldn't like such a handsome person like me.' He asked playfully. 'Yah! Who would like such a pig like you.' I replied...
  • crush
  • story
  • neighbor
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Chicken Run- Unexpected Chick Adventures  by studiocfan312
Chicken Run- Unexpected Chick studiocfan312
Prequel to my other two chicken run stories. Follow the adventures of Ginger and Rocky's kids as these chicks grow up, facing problems, enemies and a whole lot more thro...
  • chicken
  • chickenrun
  • fanfiction
Five Nights at Freddy's by Cole_Goodrich
Five Nights at Freddy'sby Cole Goodrich
BOOK 1 OF 7 When high school dropout Mike Schmidt signed up for the security night shift at the local family pizza parlor Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, he figured he'd just be...
  • guard
  • nights
  • freddyfazbear
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Character x reader (one shots/ lemons) by ThatOneAwkwardChild
Wrong number/ complete  by o2lfanfic1
Wrong number/ complete by Sydthetot
A text to a wrong number can change everything
  • lawley
  • wrong
  • kian
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Chicken Oppa Next Door - Big Marvel X Reader  by LuceAoK
Chicken Oppa Next Door - Big Lucy
When you move into your new apartment and you hear pecking at your door, you open it to find... A Chicken? "Sorry Lady, my chicken ran away!" Said a man holdin...
  • whynot
  • bigsky
  • dankmemes
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Chicken Wang [On Going] by itzsuruxox
Chicken Wang [On Going]by ♡
Maybe one chip shop is all you need.. Cover created by @Bangtan_Vibe
  • igot7
  • got7
  • oke
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