chicken legs | yoonmin. by sighcheng
chicken legs | 晶菲
❝ watch where you're going, chicken legs. ❞ yoonmin texting au. lowercase intended. start: 170409 end: 180910 highest ranking: #142 in yoonmin
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When a university student gets a job for a famous YouTuber, she doesn't realise she will experience a lot of chickens, calculators and memes.
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HEART (jenlisa) by mint_chcoltchip
HEART (jenlisa)by Dandan
Lisa and Chaeyoung are paired by their parents... For arranged marriage. But Lisa really love her best friend Jennie. Chaeyoung love her best friend Jisoo. Jennie love h...
  • park
  • lisa
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A Hannie Story, w/ a twist by JenzieHannieStory
A Hannie Story, w/ a twistby AngelinaAndLina
When years past, both Hayden and Annie are 20. Annie has a surprise for Hayden. But, when he leaves for a visit, and never comes back. Annie is heartbroken! 12 years lat...
  • brookebutler
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Race to the Edge One Shots by DisneyKaye
Race to the Edge One Shotsby DisneyKaye
This is my first HTTYD fan fiction(s) so please keep the hatefulness to yourself and feel free to comment and vote 🤓 WARNING: Hiccstrid is the main ship Some chapters...
  • stormfly
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Soft.... Adym Alyxander Yorba by yourfavchickenfry
Soft.... Adym Alyxander Yorbaby yourfavchickenfry
just read the story m8😉
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My Crazy World (Nó chưa từng sàm tới thế !) by ZeroHiro2990
My Crazy World (Nó chưa từng sàm IAmChicken
Chỉ là khu chuyện sàm của mk thui, nếu thích thì vào tâm sự với mk đi
  • chuyệnsàm
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My Gang And I. by AwesomeChocolate4231
My Gang And AwesomeChocolate4231
He was most feared by all his peers But not her. She was feared by the world But he didn't know. He hates having a connection with her Because everyone he loved never...
  • friends
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An erotic FanFiction about the relationship between a factory worker and a chicken nugget.
  • cock
  • erotic
  • love
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Chicken Oppa Next Door - Big Marvel X Reader  by LuceAoK
Chicken Oppa Next Door - Big Lucy
When you move into your new apartment and you hear pecking at your door, you open it to find... A Chicken? "Sorry Lady, my chicken ran away!" Said a man holdin...
  • lol
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Chicken • Kim Woojin  by AlienRiri
Chicken • Kim Woojin by K r i e s h a
[ ! ] ᴄᴏᴄᴀ ᴄᴏʟᴀɴɢᴏᴛ sᴇʀɪᴇs #1 [ ! ] "Hello! Ako si oil! Ang kukumpleto sa recipe para makapagluto ng manok!" -Oil "Share mo lang?"-Woojin » Oil be...
  • friedchicken
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Are you the one?💞 by johanniefandom
Are you the one?💞by johanniefandom
New chapter?
  • jayden
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When chickens eat snails ~ Σπίθα ~ Spark by Frosthound36
When chickens eat snails ~ Σπίθα Chicken_Hour
Deep in the hearts of our favorite fowl lies a treachery known only by the flock. What happens when lines are crossed and friendships are broken? Snails. Snails will hap...
  • chicken
  • sharethehours
Bob The Duck by HwtaawnMehf
Bob The Duckby Camren is real
The adventures of Bob The Duck
  • bobthegayduck
  • flamingo
  • quack
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smile. : a big marvel story by marblesroll
smile. : a big marvel storyby 🌝
"Why don't you ever smile?" "Shot up mun." Copyright © 2017-2018 by marblesroll
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Chicken book 2 by the-Anime-dude
Chicken book 2by Chicken Oppa
I have chicken, you want chicken ? Eat water. I eat water, you eat water ? Baak!! Are you kiriing me iriiaaa?!! What is happenin!? Oh my gaarrness! Book cover made by me!
  • chicken
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🤩Capper x reader🤩 one shots by   Emily loveson  by emilyloveson
🤩Capper x reader🤩 one shots emilyloveson
Hello everybody, I got some amazing one shot story to tell about you and capper. Emily loveson: eeeh I got so many ideas❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❤️ Capper: yawl (like a cat was scared)
  • shower
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Five Nights at Freddy's by Cole_Goodrich
Five Nights at Freddy'sby Cole Goodrich
BOOK 1 OF 7 When high school dropout Mike Schmidt signed up for the security night shift at the local family pizza parlor Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, he figured he'd just be...
  • five
  • freddyfazbear
  • wattys2014
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c h i c k e n l i t t l e x g i o by yallgaelmao
c h i c k e n l i t t l e x g i oby yallgaelmao
smex ;)
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